Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus


This man gives you the feeling that he cares and will take care of your heart once given. You can bank on him and rest assured of his love once given.

Cancer and Taurus, What You are Like Together

You have a strong pragmatic side and he turns that side on; he has a tender side and you turn that on.

You will be a good person for him to run things through with because you have a better understanding of how the world and people work.

However, he will have a bad habit of never heeding to what you think he should do; if only he'd notice that his ignoring you in this way brings the difficulties you warn him about.

A Happy Home

You both have a focus on your home/home life, you are both comfortable being homebodies. This may be something that builds a connecting bond between you.

I wouldn't be surprised if I asked the two of you what are your favorite things to do together and your mutual answer would be staying in and having a great dinner together.

You would rather be at home together decorating a love nest than out on the town or at dinners with your friends.

You will treat him to loving care when he gets home from a long day and he loves that. You instinctively know that his heart is connected to his stomach and you fill that with very nice meals, this makes him so vulnerable to you.

"To Be Loved, "To Be Loved" oh What a Feeling...

You both go through the phases of relationship slowly.

You both need to feel safe in your relationships and on that front the two of you will be quite satisfied.

As a Cancer woman you can get sucked into and emotional quagmire, with him you won't fall into those very much and when you do, he will easily allay your fears.

Your propensity to become compulsive or obsessive about certain things with other men will not show through with this one.

His inner "green eyed monster" will hardly if ever show up when it comes to you; he thoroughly believes that you are dedicated to him and the love you share.

You should watch the head games you play with one another, there is no need to do this here; If you do, they will build and build tearing your relationship down with their weight.

You will never suspect him to be cheating and he gives no reason for you to ever doubt that.

Love Quote:

He will think you are the epitome of benevolence; You will think of him as your rock.

As far as his ideal wife and partner to raise kids with, you are it.

You both have bountiful appetites for sensual pleasures, anything that feels, tastes, lovely to look at, lovely to touch, you are both all for it.

You don't mind belonging to a man and he longs to have a little woman at home to care for and keep safe from the big bad world.

It doesn't matter if to all the world you are a hard wired A typical career woman, you'll easily fall into the not long ago, customary female role,  setting back feminism, but you won't care.

Cancer and Taurus- Where you Experience Conflict

You both like to dodge confrontations.

The one important risk in this ideal relationship is the urge to get "comfortable" leaving your relationship to become mundane and stereotypically boring.

You are the one who has to make sure that you inject some newness and surprise in your romance.

You are both uncertain in your ability to be vulnerable to the other, you may be afraid of being hurt.

If you could both let that dread go, you may be able to make this love last for a long, long while.

Cancer and Taurus Compatibility, Sexual Love

At first sex between you is really exciting and wild, but for some reason very soon you are having sex that seems mechanical and

He is a very buttoned up type of fellow, but he has a high sexual libido.

Luckily you are the owner of a brilliant imagination and you can use your inventiveness to keep sex between the two of you from becoming blasé.

If you keep boredom away, sex should be stimulating for the two of you.

Cancer and Taurus, Romantic Summary

I have to say something about your match, baring any Personal Planet troubles, the two of you are astrologically beshert (soul mates).

Even with hard work and in spite of astrological problems, you should have many years loving one another, if the two of you choose.

Depending on how you handle and if you are ready, you may marry, you may not.


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