Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio


The two of you could make a wonderful couple, if he is settled in his mind on accepting a deep and abiding love. If he only seems to want to sleep with you, he isn't ready.

Scorpio , What He's Like...

He is an effective provider.

When he has had a hard day of working, he wants to have a comfy home to decompress from the strain.

He takes a firm stand when it comes to faithfulness. When he loves it's with his whole heart. He is possessive of his beloved.

He is not the type to check out other women, looking for a better version of you like Libra is prone to do. However, like Libra he wants a woman to express more of her femininity when she is relating to him.

Cancer and Scorpio, What You are Like Together

Falling in love with him the minute you meet him is not impossible, but he will detect that love right away.

You are driven by instinct and feelings; He is driven by instinct and feelings. In your relationship with him you will build a solid attachment to one another.

You are a bit more extroverted than he is, however, you both love your times at home as much as or more than going out. You find plenty to do together there, especially making long deep love.

Normally you are a bit of a faultfinder, but he elicits a great regard in you and so you tell him about his flaws that bother you in a genial way.

The thing is Scorpio can be a suspicious fellow, he will accept your care and tenderness, but he can't quite believe that any person can love him as deeply as he needs.

He will ask something of you, although he may not come out and express it:

  • He wants you to demonstrate to him in a real way that you are worth him entrusting his heart to you.

    All he has to do to get that from you is show you that you can certainly entrust your heart to him and he will have your loyalty.

Once he accepts that your love isn't going to leave him, you will never grant him grounds to distrust that you feel as strongly for him as he does for you.

As a Cancer you may be a great cook and in general a natural at homemaking.

You will feed his belly and sex him up what more can a  man want? In addition to that,  you don't too much mind his moods when they come.

You are a thoughtful, sympathetic, tolerant, affectionate, devoted and likable woman.

As a partner you will cater to him, be his sounding board or his shoulder to lean on; his champion.

Whether he deserves it or asks for it, you do it because you love him; this makes him feel like he is the best loved man ever.

The only thing that you want in repayment from a man is real love.

  • You want him to be obsessed with loving you.
  • You want to be held dearest in his heart.
  • You want a man to surround you with his love, you want to be  overwhelmed.

He loves in the way you need, you love in the way he needs; you speak the same love language.

All consuming love makes you feel safe and secure. Incidentally, when a Scorpio loves, this is how they love.

You will  appreciate him, you want to greedily claim all his love, you want to make him part of you; this is how a Scorpio wants to be loved.

Cancer and Scorpio- Points of Conflict

He Pushes You Away

In the beginning of your romance, you may notice that sporadically  he needs his space, it's not what he really wants deep down; it's a symptom.

This is the cause

He's afraid that the moment he lets his intense love take over, lets a woman close and starts to find her needful in his life, she will let him down... So he gets close and then makes distance to keep himself safe.

He is suspicious of love and you don't hold back your love.

He Confuses You

He is moody and sometimes, it can make you feel unappreciated.

He may feel you demand too much too soon and this leaves him feeling suffocated.

This doesn't happen in all Cancer and Scorpio pairings, but if it does it only happens in the beginning of the relationship.

He is Jealous

Sometimes, you will be amongst your friends and if you show any particular tending to one of your male friends, even if this man has a partner he will find a reason to think something bad about him.

The Good News

You are both "drama" and it's suits the two of you just fine, I think it's the natural result of passion coursing through your connection.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility, Sexual Love

You are typically more romantic when making love, but he unleashes something wild in you making you way more lusty.

He can delicately maneuver you into a woman who dominates in the bedroom, you will relish the woman you are in bed with him.

When it comes to sex, you have what he wants and he has what you need.

This man owns you in bed, he makes you feel so cherished, he takes you into the realm of such pleasure the way that you react with him is unlike any reaction you have ever had with another man.

Cancer and Scorpio, Romantic Summary

A match with this man may be one that makes you "the most happy".

Just be sure to ignore his bad moods that arise when he has a bad day.

This one is a  first-class coupling, long-lasting and good, may lead to marriage if it's what you want.

Love Song:

The Colour Of Love by Billy Ocean

Tell me what is the color of love? What do you see? Is it warm, is it tender when you thing of me? I see the color of love when I'm thinking of you As a picture perfect painting of love forever true.


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