Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius


This could very well turn out to be a "can't live with you, can't live without you" situation, it will depend on he readiness for a commitment. Even if he is ready you will still have troubles.

Sagittarius, What He's Like...

He is a giving man. He is captivating.

This man is dripping with charm, he can be a veritable "Prince charming", but can lack depth of devotion.

Let's say, until he is ready for real love,  he is only a figurative "Prince charming".

He experiences life to the full and his woman must do the same, she can't be inactive, passive or monotonous.

He likes his transient romantic liaisons, catch and release.

Cancer and Sagittarius, What You are Like Together

He is of a dissimilar nature from you, but there are many times when things will feel good in your relationship.

He can pump up your normally passive energy to something more active.

You will notice that whatever he tries, he becomes proficient in and you will admire him for it and this builds your esteem for him.
He will think you are just wonderful, his regard will grow for you the more he gets to know you and love you.

You need connection, he needs freedom.

You need to feel secure in your love life, at times he makes you feel insecure; Sagittarians like their freedom, at times he will feel stifled by you.

You want to end up with a man who is a good provider and will help provide for a comfortable life.

He will be bored with staying at home; you'll be hurt when he wants to go out and do things with his boys.

He wants to do things and go places and he will want you to be at his side sometimes, mostly you will want to be at home. He will attempt to sway you when you seem to want to stay home and he wants to go out.

When he does talk you into accompanying him, you will have a wonderful time.

If you don't yield to machinations, he will just leave you home alone and go out anyway, if he finds other women where he is to hang out with so be it.

Cancer and Sagittarius- Points of Conflict

Speaking of other women, he is not like Scorpio; love to him doesn't exclude flirting up a storm with the ladies.

If you see him do it and you will blow your top in a dramatic manner, instead of this teaching him to not flirt, he will start to think that maybe you aren't so right for him.

He likes to have many women interested at the same time; you want a man that only entertains one woman at a time.

If you both want this to work out, you will both need to be able to handle all of the disputes you will naturally have, in truth you would both have to be people who like to fight it out.

The thing is you are two polar opposite people and you are very drawn to one another because of it.

It leads to this situation: you will love him, yes, but he will also get on your nerves and vice versa.

Until he is ready, if he ever gets there, he needs to feel like he has no ties, a drifter; you want a boyfriend who has decided and finalized in my his mind to put down roots.

As a Cancer woman, sometimes you want a man most when he is hard to get, he is such a man; you will torture yourself over his lack of true interest, you will be haunted by him, you will be dismayed by his unavailable/available ways.

It may be hard to get to the point of resignation, but you will realize until he is the chasing a true commitment, you are not a well-matched couple, you will want basically different things from a romance.

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility, Sexual Love

He has a dynamic sex drive, he is highly sexed,  you don't need a whole lot of sex to feel sexually fulfilled, he will talk you into more sex.

Romance and tenderness is how you like sex to be, almost always; he isn't very tolerant with sequences of steps, but he will easily accomplish getting you to a point of carnality that is much more sultry.

He is man that has it all in bed, he will make sex fun, you'll be delighted and you'll feel his love for you.

Cancer and Sagittarius, Romantic Summary

An immature Sagittarius man may prove too much for you and if it be so, you could do better for your sanity to leave it as friends with this man.

If however, he is the more mature type you may have a chance.

As long as he:

  • Is developed enough that his physical urges no longer rule him.
  • He remains loyal to you.
  • If he lets you take the reigns at home ( if you live together).
  • You accept one another for your differences.

Then you may make your relationship last as long as you want.
It will take some work, but you could have a good marriage too.

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