Cancer and Pisces Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces

Basically, Cancer and Pisces in a romance can reach such heights in love experiencing such profound feelings.

You are well matched, if you are able to be grown ups and communicate as you should since you should naturally have good communication between you.

You both desire a lover who knows they want to be with you and makes sure you know it too; you need to feel your hearts are safe.

If you just commit to working troubles out, you should make a go of it.

Cancer, What He's Like...

This man will fascinate you. You can take your time in learning about him and in this you are willing to try.

He has a soft spot for weak, hurt and/or defenseless creatures, so if you live together don't be surprised if he brings home a stray animal or adopts some.

He is perceptive and imaginative and you love this about him.

He is lush with compliments he bestows on you and he is always there with a pep talk when you need one.

He may be the type of man who writes verses. The kind of guy who sends you flowers at your job.

The man who calls you up and picks you up to bring you to the shore to watch the sun set, sharing a bottle of wine.

He will love to nestle himself into your body, he will love to hug you.

Cancer and Pisces, What You are Like Together

The two of share the same mental and emotional wavelength, you experience things in a similar way.

  1. You both go by your intuition.

  2. You both are pretty clever people.

When it comes to romance and feelings, you are just right for him and he is ideal for you.

When you think about it the two of you are the two sea creatures of the zodiac; isn't that amusing?

You will work together to make a life that both of you will be happy with.

If you are both without children and you decide to make it lasting you will both want them.

Being your man will get him an embarrassment of riches when it comes to amenities that you bring to the table.

Not only that you are his champion emotionally and you have a way of making him feel he can go out and conquer the world.

You have a solid character, you're affectionate and tender, don't be upset when he tells you, that you're like his Mom, he means it as he greatest compliment.

Cancer and Pisces- Getting Through Conflicts

He is a moody person and this you will quite understand, so show him that you sympathize.

There are times, he gets moody for no apparent reason, what  you should do is:

Give him hugs and hold him while he tells you of his troubles. Go ahead and help him when he needs it.

There will be other times that you find out from him that some trivial problem has him down in the dumps, you might think to yourself "honestly,  he has no real reason to be so upset about it." 

What you should do is do your best to take it him seriously and give him a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on; don't forget to try to cheer him up too.

Sometimes, he will tell you what's happened to him that day and you will come away from the conversation thinking he is taken advantage of too often.

Invariably you will have days that he feels the world treats you unfairly too.

You have a nurturing quality that is part of you, if you need to fuss over him, a good place to keep watch is on is his binges.

It may come up in drinking or smoking excessively, it may even show up when he is feeling down, he may wallow in it too much.

The one thing to remember is don't be too incessant or overprotective in your fussing.

The only things that may bring real troubles into your ideal little romance are:

  1. You may wonder if he makes enough financially for you to feel the security that you need.

  2. In addition to that, you both have a tendency to pull close when happy and to pull away when upset with one another.

In the end though, this will not be enough to stop you and him from loving one another.

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility, Sexual Love

The first realization that you are in love may come in the midst of making love, that's how powerful it is between you.
You are both rather imaginative in bed and this will play a big role in your mutual lovemaking.

Sex between you will be very romantic, leisurely, gentle yet red-hot. 

This man will hold you long after most men want to turn away après lovemaking.

Your sexual desire will be high for him and his will be high for you.

Even if sex is at the very top of the list of your compatibility, it is only a bit of a bonus on what is a fundamentally strong bond between you.

Cancer and Pisces, Romantic Summary

If he allows you to fuss over him when you want to, you are in for a long lasting relationship with one another.

You also have a great chance if you marry.

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