Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo


You and I both know that you have deep feelings, well, underneath all the bluster and pride, the Lion has deep feelings too.

During your relationship you may instill in him more frugality and he may instil in you more extravagance. But, once you go your separate ways, you will both go back to your natural inclinations.

You want to have a relationship with him? I hope you know for certain what you're getting into or have gotten into.

If you aren't ready for what a relationship with him means, it may not be as happy for you as you wish it to be.

Leo, What He's Like...

He doesn't understand people who worry too much about money; he believes money is there to spent.

Once in a while he will spend his money excessively, this may shock you because you're mostly frugal with your spending.

He wants your appreciation and your high regard.

Yes, he has his flaws, but when he gives his heart, he means it and you are a smart woman if you choose to be his and be the best partner you can be to him.

Cancer and Leo, What You are Like Together

Things that Cancer and Leo have in common: both brood, pout and play the silent treatment when they are denied what they want.

Only Leo forgets that he is as much a brooder as Cancer is.

You have what it takes to keep him, you are a natural at being the person who provides the ideal home life to him. You are a natural at soothing him when he hurts.

Whenever you praise this man he will melt in your hands, among all the Sun signs, you are the one who can give lessons on how to boost the male Leo's ego.

You have profound emotions and he is oddly, turned on by that. You have innate comprehension of him and you make it known to him that you do. Even still, it may take him a while to believe in you.

The good news is: you know how to wipe all of his fears of losing you away, making him feel much better..

You probably fantasize or have fantasized about the moment a man asks you to marry him. When you do become a wife you will make a faithful, dedicated and affectionate one.

Even in the case of just being a girlfriend, if he is affectionate and spoils  you with little tokens of love, you will be a great girlfriend to him.

Cancer and Leo- How you Fight or Don't Fight

You may try to win control on how your relationship is managed, but you will never get it, he likes to hold the reins, he wants the control.

It doesn't take you long when you really like a man to wonder even out loud, " where is this going". You shouldn't pester him with questions.

You will rely on him and he finds this to be a compliment, but you also ask a lot from a man and he may feel that it's too much.

Have you ever scene a romantic film where the man asks the woman during a tense seen, " What do you want from me my soul?"

If you were the woman in that scene you would say" yes".

You want a love that is all consuming, a love that is  caring, tender and absolute. You want to know all of his ideas, important thoughts, his goals and aspirations; yes, you want all of him.

You may pout or brood when you want something and you can't have it, your sulking gets to him enough that he gives in; but that doesn't last for long.

Once he sees a pattern, he will remain detached from your "wants" and how you try to get your way,  if he doesn't want to acquiesce.

The one thing that will bother him for certain is how temperamental you are, he won't comprehend why you sulk so much.

He won't get why you get upset if he smiles and says hi how are you to a pretty woman.

With all your sensitivity, you will not like feeling vulnerable so you use subterfuge to hide your emotions.

At times, your deep feelings will have this man bewildered.

The words you use to try to express yourself at times leave him flummoxed.

Your insecurities will baffle him.

When you feel your heart is safe and protected, you are the sweetest, affectionate encouraging and appealing woman any man could ask for.

When you feel that your heart is danger you can be detached and cool hearted, but not unemotional, a man can still feel your emotions.

More than once, you will pull away from him and he wonders why, and so it happens that when you continue pulling away he will start to do the same. You will both end up feeling disconcerted.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility, Sexual Love

Your sexual libido is different from his, you don't need to have sex more than once or twice a week; He may want sex every night or more each day, you might think that his sexual needs are too high for you.

You need a sensuality and tenderness when being made love to; to be honest all he needs is a willing partner, even a quickie can be satisfying.

Another thing with him is his words, you would prefer maybe he tells of his passion for you with romantic words, he verbalizes his passion for you with dirty words.

Amorous words, really turn you on, hearing a man whisper I love you while you make love takes it to the highest level.

One thing is for sure when it comes to sex with him, he loosens you up enough that you go where he is wanting to take you and you end up loving it.

Cancer and Leo, Romantic Summary

Important to know:

He has the affect on you that makes you a better you and you do the same for him. So, if you keep being truthful with him emotionally and make sure that you don't make it "dramatic" and you give him space when he needs it, you should be able to build a long lasting relationship that has good odds for marriage.

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