Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini

He lives his life with gusto. He is beguiling and knows how to use words well, at first these qualities draw you to him.

Even while you are being drawn to him, you have a feeling deep inside that the two of you are too dissimilar.

These differences will come to the fore eventually.

Gemini, What He's Like...

He is almost always extroverted, inquisitive and broad minded.

He can't calm down and just "be".

He is just incapable of engaging one sentiment for very long.

He's perpetually motivated and turned on by things and people that are new to him, the grass is always greener, routine bores the hell out of him.

He may flirt a bit too much or talk to other women a bit too long.
Gemini men will cheat if they think they have no choice or a "real" cause to do it.

This man only needs a smile from a woman to start flirting.

Even if he doesn't feel the need to cheat, he will still chat up pretty ladies, just for kicks and he will enjoy it. In this instance, he only flirts to feed his self-importance or to find out what makes a person tick.

Cancer and Gemini, What You are Like Together

He adores how affectionate you are, you adore how witty and funny he is.

This man like many Geminis likes to tell tall tales. You know his game and you are one step ahead of him.

You may let him finish his last word of his fib, but then you somehow get him to squeal; this is great because most of the other Sun sign women can't achieve this.

Your characteristics contradict his and so, this relationship will be hard going.

He is uninvolved, lives in his head, and certainly mutable; you have deep feelings, you are diffident and can be temperamental.

He is a mystery to you and you are riddle to him; this can be peculiar at times and irritating at others.

A perfect night for him is coming home from work, showering, dressing and going out on the town or at least a restaurant, to flaunt how beautiful you are. There isn't enough time for the places he wants to go.

An ideal night for you is getting home, having a nice warm bath, having dinner by candlelight with some nice soothing sounds playing and then relaxing.

You need to feel safe giving your heart, he doesn't even think about giving his heart, what means most to him is his autonomy.

Cancer and Gemini -Points of Conflict

When it comes to feelings you are very unsuited to one another.

Something you have in common? Your moody dispositions.

Even here, there is a difference:

He is temperamental in a trivial way, when he gets in a mood, it's just for a moment; you are temperamental in a heavier way, when you get in a mood it takes a long time for you to get over it.

So,  instead of seeing that he should try to get you out of your mood, he will be annoyed that you don't easily pull yourself out of it like he can.

His general flirting is immaterial but, you don't care, you'll say something to show your displeasure; you shouldn't be so hard on him.

He is mercurial and fickle and these ways of his really get on your nerves, invading your natural penchant to be quietly happy at "Home. Sweet. Home".

You also have a propensity to hold tight to beloved things and people, this way of yours may leave a bad impression him, because he is no woman's "thing" and when it comes to being someone who belongs to someone, he is evasive.

You will pout and get moody when he'd rather hang out with his friends or go out, when you just want to spend time at home alone.

He will begin to see you as restricting and a cramp on his usual " do as I want" style

There are things you consider important, he finds them to be funny things to take seriously; you won't understand what he finds so funny or why he believes some things are so unimportant.

He will find you overdramatic and a fretful; you'll think he is cold, unfeeling and glib.

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility, Sexual Love

If he wants good sex with you he has to learn that you are most sensitive and responsive when he puts his feelings of love into it. You'll learn that he is most emotional when his he is aroused and he doesn't have other things on his mind.

One warning, if sex with you becomes routine and mechanical, this will be one of his "reasons" to cheat, he needs novelty in his sexual activity.

Cancer and Gemini, Romantic Summary

You sometimes wish that things rolled of your back like they do him, he thinks you let to many things get to you.

But, you can both look at it in this way, he is a thinker and you are a feeler, you could make it work if you badly wanted to.

He may come to find that indeed he has a heart that feels profoundly and loves the same; you may find that you too can be light and frivolous and playful.

Who says you can't be as effervescent as a Gemini; you can if you feel like it.

Having said that it is up to the two of you to make it work.

If He happens to have many Signs in Fire or some in Water, you could
surprisingly make it last, when other couples of Cancer and Gemini combination go their separate ways. Even still, marriage is a big question mark.

A Song for You

With or Without You – U2
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"With or without you"
"With or without you"
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"With or without you"


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