Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn 


He may have conscious knowledge of this or he may not, but he needs warm affection from his love; you have what he needs.

You need a man that can offer you a secure life and secure love, he is most capable of both.

Cancer, What He's Like...

He is a very capable man, he is driven towards his goals; he will win your high esteem.

He doesn't like to squander income he has worked hard for and that he has sacrificed other parts of his life for.

He believes that people should control excessive spending.

He is a man who insists on a lot of things, you will wonder, why he can't just go with the flow?

Cancer and Capricorn, What You are Like Together

You are good at managing money, he is also an adept saver, he is also great at making money.

Financially you should make a good partnership, if you marry, you will not have the problems that most marriages break up for.

He desires a woman who knows how to love a good man when she finds one; you want a man who is solid, a man you can love, who deserves it.

You are tenderness incarnate and his great coolness and composure disappear because of that.

How can he not be happy to be yours; how can you not be happy to be his:

  1. You sustain him.
  2. You never leave him to feel disregarded.
  3. He is your rock, he is solid.
  4. He is the epitome of provider, making sure you have everything you want financially.

The appeal that you have to one another and the fundamental accord you have is irrefutable; when conflicts come as they will you both should remember this.

Cancer and Capricorn-What You are Like Together,  Points of Conflict

The fact is as a couple you will either see life in an optimistic manner or he will tear down what he judges to be your idealistic illusions.  

This will depend on what other zodiac signs lay in his chart.

Hopefully,  he doesn't have any planets or Signs that hinder your romance because lower down on this page, I state how good it could be between the two of you.

If he is true to his Capricorn leanings he is sure to be a workaholic and that my lady will bring a rival into your romance, work.

In order to be with him, you will have to "deal" with his job/work.

Once you have committed to him, he will assume that you know what you are getting into and that you can handle it.

No matter how much you think you can handle it, there will come a day when it starts to get rough on you.

You will start to notice that he doesn't give you the attention you naturally crave and will become a bit bored when you see how occupied he is with his latest work project on a long list of work projects.

He may tell you that instead of being upset for him being busy to get yourself busy maybe in a new project of your own, he doesn't want you to rely on him too much for your emotional happiness.

Don't worry about whether or not he pays attention to you when you "want' it, to me what is important and what really is on your list above affectionate attentions are:

Loyalty- He will remain true to you once committed.

Dedication- You will adore him for this since he will become someone you can count on where it matters.

This man will give these things to you and you will be happy.

Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility, Sexual Love

Regrettably, your sexual life together may experience conflict.

He is mostly on the pragmatic side not as prone to be romantic or amorous unless motivated in some way.

You may have a difficult time seeing how he can be un-horny most times, he may read in bed often when you would love to make love.

Here is something you may try, if you read women’s magazines like say, "Cosmo"; why don't you slip one with the pages of erotic tips open into his hands and take away that book, Kindle or ipad.

If he is true to being a Capricorn he may want to try something out.

If he can become more comfortable with the carnal lust, you may both find that underneath it all he is very sultry and sexual.

Cancer and Capricorn, What it Can Be...

With you conquering one side of living well and him conquering the other, the two of you could build a more than comfortable life together.

You can share many of life’s highs and love one another through the lows.

You have such emotional intelligence and you give yourself permission to feel fully whatever you are feeling.

Through you he can learn to find his own triggers that bring his bouts of depression and how to handle them.

He is responsive and so are you; if you permit your mutual sensitivity to flourish and become profound

You will both be better for it, your love will be a heart centered love.

Once you get to that kind of love, you'll realize that together you have something most couples can only dream of.

Cancer and Capricorn, Romantic Summary

What it Most Probably Is ...

Although you have a good rapport in your financial mindset, it would be hard for the two of you to make a marriage last.

It will take understanding, emotional connecting and tolerance take to make it work.

If he can relax and become comfortable with his emotional life, you may last  a long while.

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