Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Cancer


You are a highly compatible couple, with each other you are able to agree, find and get encouragement, feel dedication and have great sex.

You resonate with one another at a level that is so high that you could have feelings of love for each other that lasts.

Cancer and Cancer, What You are Like Together

Your characteristics coalesce easily, you go well with one another. The two of you have a good foundation to build a great relationship on.

You are caring, so is he. You are amorous, so is he.

You are a sentimental couple, you lavish one another with affectionate words and touches.

You easily show sympathy to the other when you are each feeling temperamental.

You both naturally know what to do and say to affirm the other's feelings most of the time and that's important to both of you.

You love being home, he loves being home.

You would rather have a home cooked meal rather than go out to a fancy restaurant.

You both like to be snuggled up together at home, casual and intimate; that could be the preferred method of spending time together.

Other people looking onto your relationship, would say you seem to be made for each other.

Cancer and Cancer- How you Fight or Don't Fight

You are both jealous lovers and are afraid of being displaced by a rival. In other relationships this would become a problem, but since you both have this trait it doesn't cause problems.

You are both complicated people with complicated emotions, you both need to be more pragmatic in dealing with your problems.

You want him to adjust to what you want and he wants you to be the one who adjusts; these desires make for a drama filled partnership.

The main risk you run is of too much sensibility making trouble.

You will both take things said and done a bit too seriously because of your mutual hyper sensitivity, one of you always ends up feeling offended.

Each of you will profess to be the one who suffers the most, absolutely floored when the other invalidates those feelings.

You and he are great at remembering, this is great on its own, except when this happens; you both drag trivial issues of contention from the past to the present and start the same argument again.

What both of you need to learn to do is calm down and objectively look at things that bother you, then you will both be able to leave things in the past where they belong, making life much easier.

Although, you drag arguments in from the past. When you do have a fight, you're fast at kissing and making up.

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility, Sexual Love

You have the same approach to making love, you each want to be the one in control there, although you may not say this to one another.

Emotionally, each of you can experience complicated, convoluted and tortuous feelings that come and go.

These feelings can be distractions in the bedroom, because you will experience many times that one wants to make love and the other doesn't feel up to it emotionally.

This will cause trouble in your relationship because when one of you is feeling bad, it's required that the other should accommodate those feelings.

Cancer and Cancer, Romantic Summary

Being together alone talking and sharing intimate thoughts and feelings are things that really stimulate the two of you and gives meaning to your relationship

The love you share can be quite profound and bring much contentment to your lives.

If your chart doesn't contain too many Signs in Earth or Air Signs, and his chart doesn't contain to many of them,  you should have a loving, passionate but melodramatic union.

You must always do these things; believe in one another and be reliable and true.

With these things in mind you are bound to have a deeply loving long lasting relationship, possibly leading to your marriage.

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