Cancer and Aries Compatibility

Cancer and Aries


You are different from this guy...very different.

In spite of this, you are
overwhelmed ( in a good way) by his persona and before you know it, you are a goner, you've fallen.

Cancer and Aries, What You are Like Together, the Good Things

In order to get you, this man will romance you, court you, baby you and make you feel exceptional. As a matter of course, you get dependent and your heart is captured.

He loves the way you shower him with love.

Your love is one of dedication and allegiance, he will be incited to place a high value on you.

I would wager that you are quite a cook and when you cook for him, he will be in heaven.

You are the kind of woman who stands by her man, good or bad.

Your earnestness and positive affirmations make it impossible for him to let go of you or deny himself your love. Your natural kindness will be habit forming to him.

You will fall into a deep infatuation with him, but soon, you start to see, how dissimilar the two of you are.

Cancer and Aries -Points of Conflict

Your personality is complex; his is exact, this doesn't make for a harmonious life. One of you is so complicated and one so candid that it will be difficult to get along.

He is always looking for the next new thing; you want to softly relax into the things you like and enjoy them.

He is long on exuberance and energetic force and you will be very taken with him. But he is short on emotional intelligence, in this he causes you pain.

You need more emotional support than he is capable of dedicating, he doesn't have enough sympathy to deal with your emotional anxiety you experience when you feel afraid.

He fumbles even if he tries and if you are upset or he sees the dreaded tears he can't handle it; he will say you are being melodramatic, because honestly, his emotions stay mainly on the surface.

He will think that your change of mood is a "female PMS thing", he will not seek to sympathize.

Conversely, you are highly emotionally intelligent and you can call up empathy easily. You are able to sooth his fears, listen to him vent and calm him.

You probably know he is the fretful kind, he doesn't like to be in a stagnant position in anything.

Yes, you may notice that he loves you the moment he does, but he loves so soon and so profoundly that, you'll wonder if it's real and long lasting.

You may sometimes be right about this, with most Aries men because, later on in your life together, he may begin to get antsy and unsatisfied with the love .

At this time he starts to think that maybe he was too quick in loving and maybe it was just lust, or something.

You will wonder many times if he can be as dedicated as you are, you'll probably ask him if he has ever cheated on a woman before.

He probably has when he got bored. If he says he hasn't  even once, that is most probably untrue.

There will come the instances of his eyes wandering, following that hot lady that passes by...

He may even flirt along with a sexy girl standing or sitting nearby; you try ignore it, yet it still hurts.

You might make up your mind finally that he does not love as you do.

Cancer and Aries Compatibility, Sexual Love

When you make love with a man you want it to be full of romanticism, you want him to be tender with you; he isn't truly about that, he may do it once in a while for a change, but romantic and tender lovemaking is something that is really strange to him.

He is more into the physicality and lustiness of sex.

Even still, most of your lovemaking life will be kinky, passionate and imaginative.

Once you have been with him you know that he is basically a pushy man when it comes to his love life, but when he is having a stressful day, he may become more pushy in wanting sex.

If you are not in the mood,  he will appall you with how mean spirited and masochistic he can become with you.

However,  you may never see that side of him since, sex for the two of you will never become non existent , you are just as ready as he is to have sex whenever the feeling move you.

Cancer and Aries, Romantic Summary

If Cancer and Aries want a beneficial relationship 

Cancer has to be in good spirits more often than they normally are and be more open to trying new things with Aries.

Aries will have to be more reticent in placing himself before all else and be more thoughtful towards Cancer.

Here is something you have to get into your head, if you want things to last, have confidence, use all the self-control you can muster to believe this:

  • Don't mind when he goes of with his single friends for a boys night out. In the end of the night, he will come to you to get busy. Let him go, he'll be back.
  • Remember that and you should last a long time, even may get married.

If he is an immature man not ready and willing to settle down with one woman, he should just not promise dedication to any one woman.

But if your Aries is a man who is ready to commit, he will have an ardor for you that he has never experienced before.


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