Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius 


To be honest, I don't think emotionally he is your kind of man at all, not unless he has personal Planets that warm him up.

It would also be better if he Planets/Signs that show him to be interested in a one on one commitment rather than just a general love of people.

Cancer, What He's Like...

This man fascinates you; he is odd and he's sexy.

He will bring out more of your spiritual side and he shares your gifts of perception.

Cancer and Aquarius, What You are Like Together

You arouse one another intellectually, you can have long talks lasting all night.

You will a time trying to get him to be romantic. He's one of those people who will wonder "why do you love me?" when you say I love you; although,  he may express that question or not.

What might really happen is that he smiles about it and says your sweet or mushy.

It's how he is,  he likes to figure out how things work and that includes you and your relationship with him.

He will psychoanalyze your feelings, he will analyze his own thoughts about his feelings.

Aquarius men most frequently show their fondness for women, by treating them like their buddies; you know slapping you on the shoulder when you say a funny joke, things like that.

Cancer and Aquarius- Points of Conflict

A lot of times, you will feel like you have to charm him into spending time with you; he almost always has something else planned, being with his buddies or something.

He will make you believe that truth in everything is the utmost important.

Butwhen you take that as him wanting to hear when he has made you sad, and you proceed to tell him what he is doing that makes you so, he faults you with nagging.

In the beginning he will laud your virtues; he will think you are tenderhearted and sweet, he will think you are a good homemaker. 

The thing is he believes that everything can be better, he will eventually think you could do with a little improvement too.

You are stubborn and you will not take to his view in this; " Me?" you will think, "I need to improve?". Yes, that's right you too.

He thinks; you feel:

He prefers to trust his mind; you may be used to going by your "gut".

This divergence in the way that you both work may bring up conflicts and sometimes these conflicts may be too much for you.

You are confident in your abilities of perception; He is confident in his capacity to be lucid, these two differing points of view will lead to fights.

You can lead one another on; you are particularly good at lying to him, if you really want to do it.

When you do tell him a lie and he falls for it and you finally reveal the fib, he will be annoyed because he thinks of himself as always honest with you.

In this relationship, you will be the one who plays hot and cold; he won't mind, he will just practice patience when it comes to that.

If you doing to just get a reaction out of him, you won't get what you want.

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility, Sexual Love

Although you come to it from different perspectives, your sexual libidos are well-matched.

You aren't as exuberant or boisterous as he is when having sex.

Eventually, you'll discover how to excite him through his mind by your use of words.

If you take whatever the two of you are talking about and bring it around to light sexual teasing talk; he will soon be raring to go.

Cancer and Aquarius, Romantic Summary

If you want a romance where you are often told how much you are adored, find another man.

If you want a romance where the man is easily affectionate with hugs and kisses, find another man.

If you want a romance where you and he make passionate lovemaking often, you know what to do, find another man.

You will wonder, if he is even capable of committing to you and remaining faithful for the long haul. 

There is no sure way that your relationship could go; you may have a short fling and decide to part, or your relationship may prove long lasting, you may even marry. 

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