Aries and Aries Compatibility

Aries and Aries 


At its core this relationship is fiery and hot.

With each other you should find; support and affinity, empathy, forgiveness and a deep awareness of your pain. While in the bedroom, you'll passion and sensuality.

You may even experience the elusive love at first glance with one another.

Aries, What He's Like...

This man will arouse you.

Examples of what a hot and sexy Aries man, check him out:

James Franco

April 19

Alex Pettyfer

April 10

Michael Fassbender

  April 2

Ewan McGregor

March 31

Robert Downey, Jr

April 4

Eric Roberts

April 19

Saying I love you and falling in love comes easy to him, but so does telling you off or blowing you off.

This man loves get rich quick schemes, and he ignores practical financial matters. You can say he applies the same principles in love matters.

No other zodiac sign can make you feel so crucial to his life.

He likes to sweep a woman off her feet, for the duration of his relationship with her.

Aries and Aries- What You are Like Together

In most cases of Aries and Aries, love is tempestuous and tangible, it's also hot and bothering. All this happens in the beginning of the relationship, but can soon fizzle out (depending on how much you want a serious relationship).

You’re both full of passion, energy, new ideas, and romance, although you both can also be flippant and frivolous.

He will love your mind, and you will love his power. If you look up humble in the dictionary you would not find Aries there. You both have (Me, Me, Me) syndrome. Each of you is hard of hearing when it comes to the needs of the other.

You both tend to sing your own praises and toot-your-own horns, forgetting to mention that your partner is pretty wonderful too.

The only exception is you will say to the other; "You must be bright, awesome and wonderful because I'm with you aren't I?"

What a compliment.

The bad new is that:

  1. You are both perpetually intolerant of waiting.

  2. You are both unable to be still.

  3. You both don't like to feel insecure so you need assurances.

Aries and Aries- Conflict of the Rams and Butting Heads

Your relationship will be highly tumultuous and straining on the nerves.

You will both be amazed at how a like you are in your pushy exuberant ways.

When he becomes a dictator, you will get combative because you're not being treated with the respect and reverence you are do.

Your tempers could  melt enough steel to rebuild the entire infrastructure of America.

If you are doing something that he doesn't like and finds annoying, he won't be shy in knocking it.

Your relief will only be found when you stop doing it all together, arguing back or trying to make him see reason will not stop his talking.

Your love Quote:

It wouldn't be hard for each of you to betray the other. Pride on both your parts, will make your life together insufferable, that hot, hot, love would very soon turn to cold, cold, hate.

Even when he is at his most arrogant, he doesn't want to fight with you as much as he likes to argue with other people, these feelings may apply to you too.

You both could spend the night brainstorming about the next big thing, when your done,  he may claim the whole idea as being his. You could get so annoyed and become so angry you could strangle him.

In the dominating game, lady Aries you win because females fight harder to get their way.

Even so, the two of you will remain in competition to be numero uno.

Your relationship can be great if you both or one of you relinquishes the right to be head honcho in charge or the HBIC.

In general, you two have a hard time co-existing.

Having said that,  only another Aries can abide this insanity and stay.

The good news:

  1. Thank the Gods that this man is able to accept you for who and what you are.

  2. At least you will never experience the tedium that other couples deal with and that's saying something.
  3. If you both want it to you can form your relationship into one that works for the two of you so you both can be happy.

Aries and Aries Compatibility, Sexual Love

You both have the tendency to be impatient, selfish and impulsive, this is also true of your sexual lives.

Neither of you can imagine having sex and sleeping with the same man or woman, forever.

Your chemistry is beyond compare no matter where you are.

Aries and Aries, Romantic Summary

This relationship can go the distance even to marriage if:

  1. You both are tender with one another's feelings.

  2. You both give one another the autonomy you desire, this with the caveat that you don't freeze one another out emotionally.


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