Taurus with Gemini Compatibility

Taurus with Gemini


Let's say you have met a Gemini man that you are attracted to physically, mentally and emotionally, he rings your bells. What to do? What to do?

Do nothing, keep it cool chick. "Molly you in danger girl".

In danger of falling in love, (you think), but it's really a little crush.

This man is pure charisma, but once the honeymoon dating phase wears off, you will have a lot on your plate to make this thing work.

Gemini, What He's Like...

He's not like the Taurus man, he is not into domestic goddesses, he likes to be out and about; this is what he wants from you.

You will think he chatters on too much.

He is capable of blowing you off, when you thought you made concrete plans.

He will forget to call you as promised, a lot.

Taurus with Gemini- What You are Like Together

You may have had a fleeting instinctual feeling from the beginning, that you and he weren't well matched, but you like him anyway.

Mentally, Taurus with Gemini make a good pair; you have good intellectual compatibility.

Are you a crafty girl? Do you write poetry or fan fiction? Are you and artist a singer on the side; don't reveal any of it to Gemini in an “I am so good at”... not unless you could be paid by the public for them; he will not be amazed at all.

You are talented at bringing order to things, everything around you has its place and he appreciates that.

You are great at putting yourself together, you have such style and this he adores.

Love Quote:

You are a strong woman of good character and your strength will be a beam of light when he is depressed, calling him into your warm comforting arms.

This quality in your relationship will be something that will keep you together for some time.

Something he will like about you is that you are good with people; so when you are out, you can be social just a well as he can.

You live your life thinking of what's to come, what might happen and your goals.

He feels that everyone should live in the present, the now because tomorrow isn't promised.

If he is not where you would like your significant other to be career wise, you will want him to strive for better situations and better pay in his career/job; he won't, he likes his fun time too much.

He likes most of his free time spent doing something exciting; you would spend most of your free time having a peaceful time , just the two of you.

In fact, he is the happiest when he is out and about having a raging good time; you are most happiest having a delicious dinner at home with your love all cozy together.

Taurus with Gemini- Causes of Sure Conflict

You like constancy; he revels in the ever changing.

You need a man who is consistent and constant in his thinking and ways, but the most constant thing about him is how impulsive he can be.

Here is something else that is constant about him, you constantly can't count on him.

You won't know where you stand with this man, but you will become addicted to his exhilarating ways. Even so, he will drive you nuts.

He thinks it's fun to poke fun at you, he won't stop even if you get really hurt and start crying...He'll just poke fun at your crying, making you feel "this" small.

When the two of you are out and you get a quiet moment with him, you may feel the need to tell him to stop the chatting up women, you know you can be more than a bit possessive.

You may not realize that he NEEDS to be able to talk and relate with other people. One day your nagging about this will be too much for him to take and he may leave you for it.

Taurus with Gemini Compatibility, Sexual Love

Things that will bother:

On your side:

He is temperamental and this is something that will affect his sexual desire, when he is down... HE will be down.

To you this will be something you can't relate to, you believe that two people who are together should be in one another’s arms, especially when things in the outside world bring you down. You feel that there is nothing more sustaining than making comfort love.

The other thing that will throw you for a loop is that one evening he is naughty, racy and fun and the next day he is common, coarse and a total brute.

On his side:

He will find you dreadfully predictable; this may lead him to cheat.

You have to remember that unless, his chart has more than one aspect that voids out the Gemini love of novelty, you'll need to keep things fresh and new.

If you have no idea how to achieve this, start with books... Find books on new things you can do, especially sexually, this is something you can get behind since a sexual life is important to you.

You may also want to try and get your mind around going out and doing things once in a while.

Have a dinner party in a restaurant, that's wonderful,  someone else cooks and serves,  all you have to do is host and this will fulfill his need to be out relating with others.

Taurus with Gemini, Romantic Summary

Have you ever gotten "all dressed up with no where to go?", well, being Gemini's woman,  you will know this feeling literally and figuratively.

See? I told you, you will have a lot on your plate to make this thing work.

When everything is weighed however, this pairing is not a beneficial one.

A fine dalliance, but it shouldn't last long.


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