Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo 


The two of you have a good foundation for a long lasting love; the two of you do well together.

If he can curb his tendency to be sanctimonious, you will always be very attracted to him.

Virgo, What He's Like...

He is a caring, bighearted, tender and honorable man.

This man is a man of habitual methods of doing things; he lives by his patterns; in this you can relate, he likes that you can.

He is a know it all, but he won't be such a know it all with you.

He amazes you with his ability to come up with ideas make money.
He has an unusual mind, he has certain methods for doing things, and you can see his  potential to make money.

You can depend on him, you will believe in him and show support for him.

You like how efficiently he lives his life.

With most men, your jealousy won't be to far away, but he knows what your fears are in love are and he has a way of allaying them.

His savvy and geniality make him a man who can become your best friend as well as lover, since he puts you at ease so you can express your thoughts to.

He is real and faithful, he has all the qualities of the man you would give your heart too permanently.

Taurus and Virgo, What you are Like Together

He is a Virgo man, you are a Taurus woman; you are like peas and carrots you go well together.

You like to be attended to and Virgo is the sign of service.

You will think of him as thoughtful; he will think of you as affectionate and loving.

You get along mentally and spiritually and have a good time together.

He is funny to you, he makes you giggle and you make him chuckle in return.

When you spend time with one another you tend to have a good time, it's fun.

You are both driven and perceptive; you can do anything you set your minds to do.

He is observant, you are discerning, basically the same. You are driven; he is studied, same side same coin. If the two of you have a common goal, I dare anyone to try and stop the two of you from achieving it.

You both like your home life and you both like kids.

He is inclined to eschew going out on the town to stay home and have a calm night, you find this intimate and to your liking.

You are a realistic person and this echoes his pragmatic sentiments.
You are both responsible with money.

This means you won't have fights about money.

Taurus and Virgo - How you Fight or Don't Fight

You may seem like a great couple, but like all couples, you do have conflicts.
Virgo is a perfectionist and so he will work at something, do it well enough and redo it.

This will be frustrating to you and you may mention that you should have done it instead, he never finishes quickly and you would have had everything done before him.

You are a good handler of the household, yet he will still find things to pester you about; at first, you think he's cute with his nagging.

But, boy is he a nitpicker, but he calls it "help" and this will breed a
hostility in you, for you have a hard time taking to anyone telling you what you are wrong at doing, you are not looking for a parent.

If you wait this out and go through this a few times, you could try disregarding his "help", this might cure him of his "helpful nagging".

If the two of you practice tolerance with one another, you have the makings of a good relationship here.

Taurus and Virgo Compatibility, Sexual Love

He isn't the most passionate and physical man when having sex, but you seem to have an effect on him since with you he will be the lustiest he will ever be when he has sex with you.

He is also timid, but you are like a drug to him, a sexual drug.

Somehow, you are able to make him, let loose and feel the lustfulness he normally represses; you teach him to be more carnal and physical.

If he can keep from being prudish, you and he can have sex that is, passionate, sultry and intense.

Taurus and Virgo, Romantic Summary

Your relationship with him is grounded in a profound compatibility.

The two of you have the potential to have years with one another, as those years go by, your feelings will deepen for one another even more.

This pairing is first class, with possible marriage.

Not only do you get a love quote, I had to give you a song too:

Love Song:

Vanessa Williams - Oh How The Years Go By
was written by Jennings, Will / Climie, Simon Crispin

And oh how the years go by
Oh how the love brings tears to my eyes
All through the changes the soul never dies
We fight, we laugh, we cry
As the years go by


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