Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

Taurus and Taurus


Taurus Man What He's Like...

He will love that you are a domestic goddess and he'll value you for it.

He appreciates how reasonable you are with your funds.

Taurus with Taurus-What You are Like Together

You both will love having dinner parties. You both love the art of cooking and may have cooking show nights instead of movie nights.

You both are naturals at conveying your emotions; you will naturally want and need to share what you are feeling with one another.

You both delight in the sensual pleasures in life, so that means lots of
eating, listening to music and sex, you both find that these things are
necessary for a calm and satiated life.

A double Taurus relationship has a couple who are jovial, focused on one another, well fed and well sexed.

Your dedication is at the same level. You both take the responsibilities of the family seriously. You are both willing to give the emotional and general security that the other needs no matter the reasons.

You two make an outstanding match; you agree well, ethically, carnally, mentally and spiritually.

Because you are so alike in your admirable qualities and your flaws, your partnership will either be a chaotic calamity or absolutely fantabulous.

Taurus and Taurus- How you Fight or Don't Fight

The source of your main conflicts will come from you matching traits of obstinance and desire to control or dominate one another.

You will question where, what and who's of one another’s lives outside of your relationship, this contributes to furious arguments.

You agree on a lot of things and this can breed tedium while you hurt one another.

Special Note on Your Same Sign Matching

Here is how your relationship could go in a way you both might not expect:

The more time you have been in a relationship with one another, the more things stay the same. Things tend to not change with the two of you, of course not for the worse, but you certainly don't grow either.

You both will feel very sure in your relationship. Then you start to have a fleeting feeling of boredom and then a constant feeling of boredom, although you aren't satisfied, there is no trouble, but...... something is missing.

When you start to notice nothing ever comes into your world together to stir up anything.

This is when you both realize that you both feel comfortable, too comfortable, there is no action in your romance.

Only when apathy has installed itself between you,  will you both realize, that sometimes, you want a little risk in your life.

You want to live without being sure anymore, because you both may realize that, the only thing that never changes, is change,  it's the only thing that is eternal.

Taurus Compatibility, Sexual Love

Sex for the two of you  is no frills, direct and hot.

Taurus and Taurus, Romantic Summary

All signs say yes to a long term thing or even wedding bells.

Special note:

You and this man could find nothing hindering you towards marriage.

But, if you do marry and your marriage goes on for decades, you may end up being one of those couples who are too tied financially to divorce or you have a comfortable roommate relationship and it's better than trying now "at my age" for another love.

The apathy mentioned before may become a peaceful indifference.

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