Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio


A relationship and life with this man is a life that is confused and disordered; it's a life and relationship that will continually annoy you.

If this sounds like the life that you want, then an immature Scorpio is for you, for sure. Even a mature Scorpio will be hard going for you, but you can try to work on it.

If you don't work on your relationship, it will end up being one that is selfish,petty and lacking in warmth. These problems lead your relationship into being a connection that is easily fractured.

Scorpio, What He's Like...

He's a man like no other you have met, he's different. 

He incites lust in women.
He seems a little risky and a little bit bad.
He's enticing and tempting.
He's inscrutable and mystifying.
He's charismatic and attractive.

To Scorpio the world is an unkind and unreliable place, he needs someone he can count on to be constant, authentic and considerate.

Taurus and Scorpio, What You are Like Together

Here is where you match

You are both emotionally vulnerable and easily hurt.
You both like to eat, too much and you do like your drinks too. In the bedroom this leads to having low libido.

You are both inclined to be temperamental and to show self-pitying behavior.

What He's Like with You:

He'll think you are a sultry seductress and he will think of making love to you the first time the two of you meet. He will be surprised to feel this way, he won't know why and that's because there are a lot of reasons why.

He thinks you are caring, sweet and tender of heart, he instinctively knows that you are looking someone to love and care for with all your heart and you want a man that can be just as dedicated to making you happy.

He'll think you are a great cook and you would make a great wife.

Points of Conflicts

As far as you go, you will be caught up in him, he is a walking contradiction to you.

How are you to know what he is trying to convey between what he tells you and how he behaves?

What he desires and what he requires?

The way his mind works is such a mystery to you

. He will delight in the effect he has on you, he sits back and observes while you try to figure him out.

You want a love that is guileless, a man who will not play games with your feelings, he knows this yet he still plays games. You want a love that feels good not one that hurts and if full of anguish.

When he is feeling down, lamentable and alone, he wants a love that is without games and feels good too. But, when he is feeling like himself again he is back to the game playing, he likes the "drama" that comes with it all.

There is a chance that the two of you could work, but do you want to chance a really painful heartbreak to see?

Okay then, you are giving it  a try...

If you are sure he is of the mature kind of Scorpio, and it's your choice go ahead, even though you will still experience some instances of pain, give it a good try.

But, to be honest, you might want to keep Scorpio as a friend, just a friend.

Taurus and Scorpio- How you Fight or Don't Fight

He is a man who likes to keep learning and making himself a better person. He may want to try some things in his life that are not things that are worthwhile, the worst you could do is malign him for it; he will ridicule you and say unkind things to you to make himself feel better.

You are also capable of saying things that hurt him and because of this the two of you will experience a lot of drama in your relationship.

If you have a strong fundamental relationship and your love is profound, then these hurtful words won't take your relationship down; it may even make it more of a passionate relationship.

If your relationship is a weak one then hurtful words may end up being things that you just can't take back.

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility, Sexual Love

When it comes to making love, you have your own needs and he has his, both of you want sex to be your way.

He mostly lets you have your way although, he would like it to be his way sometimes with him being the one in control.

Your lovemaking however, is sultry and carnal, this is lovemaking that is too amazing for words.

Taurus and Scorpio, Romantic Summary

The two of you share a wild, passionate and profound relationship.

But, this relationship is easily broken, you both have to take it seriously, especially him and hopefully he is a mature Scorpio.

You need to have equilibrium in your individual lives in order to not invite  "drama" into your life together.

With real work, it's good and could possibly go for the long term and  you may even get married.

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