Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Taurus and Libra


The two of you will have many conflicts due to your different personalities, but they won’t be in bed. You will have a great coming up with new ways to bring each other sexual pleasure.

But, you have to come up for air sometime and live your daily lives and your personalities will clash, this slowly and eventually brings your relationship down.

Points of Conflicts

Taurus/Libra Contrary Minds about Making decisions:

You want to know what he's up to; don't hold your breath he hardly knows, he can't decide.

You figure out what you are going to do and you decide on the steps that will get you the results you want.

He doesn't like to decide, he goes from one decision to another, never really dedicating himself long enough to follow through to he end.

When you try to force him to decide and do something and he doesn't, you can bully him, but it won't work.

Bullying this man will only leads to bad fights, emotional abuse and both of you throwing insults at one another.

Taurus and Libra Contrary Minds about Career:

One of the basics you need a man to have to make you happy is a well paid career; a steady paycheck that can take care of what needs to be taken care of brings security to you.

His mind in this is contrary to yours, in that doing a job just for a paycheck and nothing else is so mundane. He believes when you are doing something you love what does it matter what you get paid; so he will find a job that he feels he can be creative in and one that isn't full of routines.

Taurus and Libra Contrary Minds about Flirting:

He loves a beautiful woman and to him you are lovely.

Ladies love him, you want to be the only woman a man entertains and loves.

He's a flirt for sure, but he is not seriously trying anything by it, it just gives him a self-confidence kick.

You are a possessive lady and it may mean nothing, but you don't want him to take chances like this; you may get angry about it, but you gotta be cool.

Taurus and Libra - Dealing with Anger:

The funny thing is won't have many arguments; you both hate discord.

Sometimes, when you show him your Taurean anger and you want him to do something, he will be cool and abide by that.

However, make sure you really want what you are asking him to do, make sure this choice of yours will be of benefit to your relationship. If things between get messed up he will say it's your fault.

When oppositions do occur, and you do get into an argument, you make up in the bedroom.

Taurus and Libra, What You are Like Together

Taurus and Libra, Where you are the Same:

You both like to experience things that open up your minds and/or your worlds.

You both like the sophisticated arts. You would have a great night out going to let's say a ballet or an opera house.

Taurus and Libra Where Trouble Starts:

When it comes to the mundane things of life, you will come across problems with Libra; he will exhaust your mind.

Something he loves about you is how nurturing you are, when he is sick you give him so much tender loving care.

When he is famished, he is sure to find something delicious in your kitchen, you will even make him a plate, not even counting the dinners you cook.

You even pick up around his own house when you see the need, wow what a woman.

Try to find him when you need him, crickets.... is he there for you? oh and when you do find him, take excuses with a grain of salt.

You know when he says;

He was with family or helping out or hanging with a friend, especially if he is of the immature Libra kind.

Things to Be Aware of/Watch Out For:

Don't let his early phrases that begin with "We", throw you into romantic bliss, don't fall for it.

Don't fall for his too early I love you's, they are just romantic nothing words to him, mature or immature.

You are serious when you say these things, he may not be or rather, he isn't for long,  in that space.

He loves all the decorations of love, he isn't about the hard work that was done to put them up.

You may feel deep down you can't depend upon him, if he is ready to be dedicated,  in time maybe you can.

If he isn't ready to be dedicated in good and bad times and he is an immature Libra, your feelings will only be substantiated over and over again.

You want to feel secure in your romantic life, deep down something about him makes you feel unsafe.

If he is an immature Libra he will not be dedicated enough about a serious relationship and he will keep getting into and out of relationships. This man will produce more anxiety in you not ease them.

If you ever become suspicious that he is involved with another woman, I hope you are ready for the answer because he will tell you candidly that he was with a woman, he met last week.

When you ask, are you into her? he may just tell you, yes.

When you ask why he would do such a thing, he may tell you the reason he wants her and the reasons why you and he can't be together, leaving your self esteem in a sad pile.

If you are sure that he isn't faithful and you are a smart about the whole thing, you will just let him go on your own terms and you won't ask him questions or try to win him back out of jealousy.

But, being a Taurus you may hold on relationships even when you are abused, although you know you should let them go.

If you need to take care of someone, you are someone take care of you.

Taurus and Libra Compatibility, Sexual Love

As long as you are together, you will have a wonderful sex, but you have a higher libido than he does.

Sex is a part of your relationship you both will remember fondly even if you break up.

Taurus and Libra, Romantic Summary

While your relationship starts of okay and maybe it gets good, it won’t have a chance for lasting into the long term. It could be a transient pairing, unless you can learn to consider your options and reach unfaltering judgments together.

If the other components of Libra's chart void out his tendency to be vacillating in his decisions and he is a mature Libra, it's more likely to be a long-lasting relationship that gets to wedding vows.

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