Taurus and Leo Compatibility

Taurus and Leo


You can't help but fall in love with this man; almost all of his attributes make you swoon.

You like to cater to your man and you want a man that will return that kind of care to you.

Leo, What He's Like...

He is enthusiastic and handsome, you like this very much.

He is tender, self-assured and giving; this attracts you to him.

This man is a provider; he will make available to you all the things that make you feel financially secure; "anything you want you got it".

Taurus and Leo, What You are Like Together

You turn him on, he finds you sexy.

He likes you a lot too, he likes that you can be a refined, cosmopolitan or worldly woman.

He likes that you know how to handle money responsibly.

There are parts of your personality that other men get annoyed by, he just ignores them.

You are great at giving out pep talks and kudos and you fit him perfectly when it comes to that.

You are interested in being secure, in financial terms and in your relationship.

So if he says and does the right things, you will fall for it all and fall for him without thinking on if he serious or not.

This may be his method into getting a woman to let down her guard.

I hope he knows that Taurus and Scorpio women are the most  possessive women astrologically.

Taurus and Leo - Points of Conflicts

He can be needy for attention, consuming and inflexible; sometimes you just can't be so much to him and you will resist him because you feel taken for granted.

He may fit your idea of a financially secure man, but the problem comes in when you realize this doesn’t make up for not having an emotional connection.

He is great at making money, but unlike you he also spends it quickly.

You are a bit worried about this, you believe in saving most of your income.

You date in order to eventually have something solid so it leads to marriage. This is an important thing on you list, to one day be a wife with a loving husband. Marriage isn't something he thinks seriously about.

If he starts thinking more about his independence than how you feel for him, he will start getting antsy.

He will probably do things that make you mad and while you are still angry, you will give him the silent treatment and this he will not be able to stand. He will keep rattling on when all he should do is give you a hot movie kiss.

But, I hope he figures out that if he hurts you, you may eventually forgive, but you won't forget.

Something you have to make a choice in, and it will help you in relationships, would you rather be right and alone or in a loving relationship?

Taurus and Leo Compatibility, Sexual Love

You make an unbelievable pair in the bedroom.

You like how he can be so frisky, overwhelming and daring when he makes love to you.

You will have this nagging feeling that he isn't concerned by how you FEEL, you even feel this neglect of your emotions when the two of you are in bed.

And so,  what happens when you feel this neglected? Your normal sex drive goes away and you give him nothing; He will be so unhappy about this, he won't know what to do, he needs sex.

All he has to do is learn to romance you, basically stay the way he was when he was trying to win you in the beginning and you'll be happy.

You are the kind of woman who leaves him completely depleted after having made love to you.

Taurus and Leo, Romantic Summary

He may be happy to take all you have to offer a man and stay only in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. But, he has to realize a man can't expect a girlfriend to act like a wife, but not be a wife.

So when the time comes, you should be prepared to let him know where you stand.

Yes, you are prepared to make a good wife to the lucky man who grabs you. You have everything it takes to make a man happy.

If however he has been there done that, and he is ready to settle down at the point he has met you; you would be just the right girl for him.

If this man is ready for a dedicated and true wife/girlfriend/partner, a full and satisfied stomach, pleasing sex, a woman who is on top of the house management, he is in luck when he finds you and you decide on him.

With all this said,if he is an immature Leo, it is highly improbable for you guys to last for much time; lust doesn't grow into a lifetime love.

Not sure you will get married, but you can last a long time in the infatuation phase with a mature Leo, until reality arrives.

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