Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

Taurus and Capricorn


You share the same need of some things that are necessary to the well being of your minds; a loving family, a secure life and a stable existence.

Capricorn, What He's Like...

He likes to be around people

He has a profound personality, this man is incredibly deep.
You won't see how ambitious he is at firstYou won't even sense how intelligent he is at first. As you get to know him better you will realize he is very smart and he has high aspirations.

You will also find that he is somewhat controlling.

He will want to take part in the things that matter to you and he'll want to hear your thoughts on things.

He will be sweet to you in a way that shows he understands your concerns and troubles.

He is driven and industrious, you like that about him.

To other people he seems distant and they would also describe him as unemotional; you have a special way with him, you make him "hot", you get his motor roaring to go, well, more times than not.

Taurus and Capricorn -What You are Like Together

You have a lot of compassion for one another.

You are able to "get” one another’s emotions and sorrows.

You are on the same wavelength when it comes to one another’s wit.

He is paternal, he is proud. You're maternal, you're modest.

You are Mother GaiaHe is Sky Father (Jupiter, Zeus); he is the man you would let take over and lead you to where you want to go and you are the woman he would attend to, assist,  contribute to,  promote and benefit.

You are supportive, dependable, dedicated, upstanding and worthy; he holds fast, he's caring, trustworthy and obedient.

You are imaginative he likes that.

Things that attract the two of you together like magnets:

  1. You are pragmatic and so is he.
  2. You have intention and resolve and so does he.

What you Have he Needs; What you Need he Has

You have certain things that need to be fulfilled in your life to be able to feel safe and protected, he realizes what you need and will be ready to give them to you.

You are exceptional at giving him what he wants and what he needs; he is exceptional at anticipating your needs.

He's a very astute money handler and if you share a bank account and finances; you have estimates that are good, you have this weird know how on making money work for you.

No matter what, if you were to get married or share a life together, you should not fear that you will be unsafe financially.

Note: Capricorn  is a man that at the least takes care of the finances well. Even an immature Capricorn will be able to attain money... from women.

Taurus and Capricorn- Mixing your Qualities Together

Together you have agreement, rapport and reciprocal strength when each of you needs someone in your corner.

You can make anything happen, with each other, your goals can be reached; in this case two heads are better than one.

If the two of you unite, you could be a power couple:

You could have babies and nurture and guide them into being wonderful adults; a family to be proud of.

You could go into business together.

Taurus and Capricorn- Minor Irritations

You have much to make this a good match, however, you do have some dissimilar traits.

On your own you both don't like to fight, but when you do oppose one another, it will be about finances or reliability.

This man likes to be the one in control.

You make him feel a bit insecure.

The two of you should find some sort of equilibrium.

He will seem unclear to you at times because he is ineffective in putting his feelings into words, it almost always comes out wrong or you are confound.

In time you learn that his actions speak louder than his disconcerting words.

But, the thing that matters is that you have a strong and innate understanding for each other's personal attributes and feelings this is enough to establish a good foundation for a long term coupling.

The one caution is that sometimes you will want to do something exciting; this will make him feel at odds and uncomfortable because he is normally staid and shy.

Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility, Sexual Love

You don't highs and lows when it comes to your libido, there is a consistent need; his libido however is subject to change depending on his day, he can be really horny and chasing you around the house or he can be as peacefully celibate as a monk.

If he has had a day full of tension, guess who’s not getting it tonight?

You have to "learn him", figure out what the clues are that he is stressed out. Maybe you can rub his shoulders while you get him to tell you all about it.

This will bring him relief and bring you release later, in bed. The good thing is you are a woman who has the skills to get him to shed the days strain easily.

There is something special about this man when it comes to sex, he is more about what it means than his own sensual pleasure, so for him it's making love rather than having sex or fu&%ing.

Taurus and Capricorn, Romantic Summary

A relationship with this man will generally feel easy. You have an easy compatibility in your emotional and moral characters.

He most probably will fall for you. You have all the things he wants in a woman.

You will each earn a large place in one another’s hearts, with luck you will give your hearts fully to one another.

You may last a while and may get to marriage.

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