Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer


Taurus, What He's Like...

He is such a true-hearted man.
He is such a caring man.

This man will want to understand you; he'll make you feel so special, so necessary to his life. The thing is, he wants the same from you.

When it comes to the fairer sex, Cancer men are a bit diffident in the beginning, cute huh?

What you want to keep from doing is, coming on too fast and bold, if you take it easy... before long his manner will improve, keep it cool and he will reveal himself to you.

It is unlikely that he would ever make you feel unappreciated, this you will like. However, he will assume that you will always be willing to give and share of yourself.

The problem that comes in with these qualities is that when you make a mistake that others would forgive and allow you to wipe the slate clean, he will hold on and have a hard time letting go and so he retreats.

Taurus and Cancer -What You are Like Together

You can be a greatly supportive partner to him while he pursues his dreams.

You are extremely well-matched in a lot of ways, but you and he are cut from different cloths, when it comes to your personal characteristics.

If you have a give and take attitude, it should work.

Your Commonalities


You both like to have a home that is comfortable, peaceful and lovey to be in; you both will work toward having that.

You like being home and he is a natural homebody, check.


You are both looking for a secure love.

You both feel that the other fulfills your need for a secure love; he is a one woman type of man and you are a one man at a time woman.


You are both jealous; you have a fear of losing a person you love to another. You both need commitment from your partner, because of your mutual possessiveness.

Because of your mutual trait of possessiveness, when this trait is awakened,  the other feels desired.


The two of you together have a strong aura of passion surrounding your relationship.

He is full of passion and you are full of passion, can you each handle the others passionate ways?

The answer will determine how long you are with one another.

All these good qualities in your relationship don’t mean you won't experience any drama.

Your Differences

You're more of a pragmatic person than he is.

He's the dreamer; you think about the basics.

You are prepared to work hard for something substantial; he likes things nice and easy.

He has moods that come and go, no reason to point to... only he seems to know.

One day he is needy and seeks attachment to you, the next day he wants his space.

This brings anxiety to you and believe me he sometimes feels anxious because of the moodiness in him that he can't get a handle on.

Taurus and Cancer - How you Fight or Don't Fight

You are blunt with your thoughts and in trying to sweet talk him into opening up, you may say some ill-chosen words; instead of making him respond to you,  he will pull away.

But, you have a nurturing side and this is helpful to your relationship because sometimes he needs some empathy and care and you give him that.

You are good at giving him a quick kick in the a&% when he needs it; this won't bother him too much because you give him more than enough love to compensate.

If you attempt to push him to do anything, he will scurry back into his Crab cave and put up a wall.

If you boss him around a lot, your relationship with him will become acrimonious; he'll become bitter because you are pushy and you'll become bitter because he's not valuing your advice.

You may both feel bad around the same time and you may come into conflict at those times.

If you remain responsive to his feelings and needs, even when you aren't feeling like yourself,  you may keep your relationship going for a long while.

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility, Sexual Love

You have good compatibility in the bedroom; you are good together in bed, as long as you don't dominate him, (tell him what to do). Besides, you don't have to tell him "how to do it to you", as much as with others.

If he has had a day that didn't go his way and he wasn't able to decompress and relax early evening to get over it, you may not be making love that night.

Taurus and Cancer, Romantic Summary

The longer you are together the better your relationship should become.

Taurus and Cancer have a wonderful mix of Astrological Elements, You are Earth and he is Water. Together you grow to have a rich, nurturing and productive love.

The main problem you will have is learning to communicate your feelings to one another in a positive way.

One or both of you may not even attempt to explain how you feel because you may not know how the other will react and so there is quiet.

Once you have crossed that bridge and developed a way that works for both of you, the two of you get to understand how much love each of you has for the other and that this love is the long lasting kind.

If the two of you work hard, in time you should be able to grow and nurture a very good relationship together.

Long lasting maybe even marriage.

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