Taurus and Aries Compatibility

Taurus and Aries


Aries Man, What He's Like...

He definitely knows how to make you smile, he is great at impressing you.

He believes himself to be a man who is dynamic and sexy to women.

You can't bully this man and tell him what to do; he will not take to your demands. He is just as strong and opinionated as you.

He can also be dominating.

He hides that he has a temper and when you experience him blow up, it might shock you.

What You are Like Together

You won't be able to figure out if you love the man or the thought of him, the basic idea of who he is.

The two of you like to spend time with others.

You are both focused on your wants and needs.
You both lack the compromising gene.

Taurus and Aries- A Matter of Opposites

You want things to remain consistent and you like things to be uncomplicated; he prefers excitement and change.

You like to go to places that you have fallen in love with, they are familiar; he doesn't want to go to your usual place he wants to find a new one to go to.

You are easy going; he is aggressive.

You are patient; he's in a hurry.

You are stable as a rock; He's moves like a feather in the wind.

He starts and stops and starts again in almost everything he does; you see things to the end. He lets go when it gets boring; you power through the boredom and finish it.

He wants a woman that arouses him; you are happy to have a caring soul love you.

You can only love one man at any time; he is able to love many women at the same time.

You don't like to do things by yourself all the time; He loves to have his autonomy.

Taurus and Aries- How you Fight or Don't Fight

You will come to conflict when it comes to the subject of trust, you are much more rash in your actions when you encounter situations with him that make you jealous.

You may bring out the worst in one another, His actions or non actions will cause you to scold him; your grumbling will bring out his viciousness.

You guys may eventually come to blows; you may even fall into sexual
relationship that uses pain to get pleasure, or at least have mean sex.

Taurus Compatibility, Sexual Love

He isn't as sultry a lover as you are or want in a lover, at first, but give him time and he should open up and be more sensual...

Sex for the two of you is gratifying for you both.

Taurus and Aries, Romantic Summary

The thing is he will try to hang on and not admit a relationship has failed, he believes he can make it work somehow.

Because of your obstinance you take too long to leave a relationship that is hurting you. So, when your relationship is bad the two of you keep it going.

In order to make this a happy long term pairing you would have to have some Fire in your chart where your personal Planets are concerned.

Otherwise, it might be wiser to have a fling with this man, because he can cause you a lot of pain and you may experience disenchantment.

But, if you are determined you can last a while, just not happily.

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