Libra and Taurus Compatibility

Libra and Taurus


Taurus, What He's Like...

He doesn't let things that are happening change his mood very much and he hardly ever gets down in the dumps; you will fall for him because of this quality.

Libra and Taurus, What You are Like Together

Who falls in love quickest between you and Taurus? He does. But just because he loves doesn't mean you fall too; no, you will entice him and entice him until you feel love too.

You serve as muses to one another. As a couple you could be quite a force.

You are a respectable and ethical woman, he will regard these qualities in you highly.

He is noble minded and pragmatic at once; You are delicacy and romance at once.

You are Libra the scales; you waffle from pros and cons, good and bad, yes and no. He is Taurus the bull, static, unchanging; Once he says no, its no. He makes a decision he doesn't change it even if it hurts.

Saying this you know when you say "We're over" it may mean not completely. When he says it's over, he really has quit you.

You will fulfill his epicurean taste buds with delightful things to eat.

He will purchase baubles for you, to make you smile. He will strangle you with all the love you could ask for.

When you are fretful and pouting, he will shower you with tender loving care.

Even if you don't live together, you provide such a comfortable home and bed that he feels like a king when he comes over.

He has those manly shoulders you can lean on and you will feel wonderful locked in his arms. You have all the qualities he wants in a woman, you are able to give him the appreciation he wants his woman to display.

Your relationship may just be an old fashioned one, a lot of women want that, it will have affection and warmth.

If you are also reasonable with your finances, it will bode well for your relationship lasting all the way to marriage.

Libra and Taurus- Points of Conflict

If you are involved with a mature Taurus all your conflict will stem from his inability to not feel slighted when you find fault with him.  It's because it makes him feel embarrassed and he doesn't like to be embarrassed.

This man has clear ideas about the roles of men and women.

You'll like the fact that he wants a domesticated Martha Stewart and will do well at being this woman, but soon enough your need to be autonomous will come around and you begin to exert that side of yourself to the detriment of your match with him.

Once you start asserting your independence he will misconstrue that as you moving away from him and that will make him belligerent and obstinate. The thing is his aggressiveness will not cause you to do as he wants.

He can be very possessive and he won't realize that this quality will turn you away, not bring you closer.

And he will not realize that if he is always interrogating you about what you are up to, that he is implying that you are cheating on him. This will not sit well with you and result in conflicts between you.

You have different perspectives on finances too. Taurus is never sure about money, he always needs more so he can save more. He is afraid of debt.

If you need something you buy, cash or credit, sometimes that means you have spent too much; oh well.

Libra and Taurus Compatibility, Sexual Love

His sexual libido is a healthy one and you will enjoy sex with him, in the beginning.

After a while you will find him to be too traditional and unimaginative in bed. He doesn't believe in turning on a woman's mind to get her ready for the physical, he just goes for the physical.

You might even start feigning a headache until he gets more romantic ideas.

Once you realize that his way is the way it is in bed and that he isn't big on romancing a woman to bed, you will start to doubt how long you are going to last.

If you can accept that he is so conventional in bed and relish his lustiness instead and if he can try not to feel hurt that you want more romance and you see him trying, you could both be more satisfied in the bedroom.

Libra and Taurus, Romantic Summary

This will be a tempestuous romance.

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