Libra and Gemini Compatibility

Libra and Gemini


You both enjoy the new, and you both like to be aroused mentally.

These qualities could be the fundamental reason you embark on a relationship.

Libra and Gemini, What You are Like Together

The matching of Libra with Gemini is a better and easier one than Gemini woman and Libra man.

At first blush, you appear to have a relationship that we all long for, what's the truth?

When the two of you are out together, you make an amusing and spontaneous pair; your happiness is contagious.

You have an original imagination and he will like that; He has a quick wit and you like that.

The main thing you want in a partner is a man who is reliable, one you can count on.

Libra and Gemini- Points of Conflict

He isn't an emotional coddler; you need to be with someone who is delicate with your feelings. You like mushiness, you like romance; he isn't this sort of guy.

He thinks you are a polite, enchanting and kind woman, but he will eventually also think you are clingy.

Initially, you find him funny, but once you see that he makes everything a joke, it's not so funny anymore.

You are temperamental enough, you need to have a man who has a more stable temperament.

For a while he will appeal to you so much that you ignore how temperamental he can be. Eventually his changeability in temper will breed bitterness in your heart.

At first it's so much fun with him, going here and there, having a good ole time. But then you notice that he isn't as responsible as you would like.

Even when it comes to money he can be irresponsible so if you start to share finances.

He tends to lose attraction for a woman when she starts noticing his irresponsible ways.

If he can learn to hear and listen, it will be a better relationship.

Libra and Gemini Compatibility, Sexual Love

Sex between you will be good, because he understands turning a woman on mentally and he's good at it.

You also know how to get him thinking, which gets his libido going.

Even if either of you trips, falls and lands on another lover, hehe; you may not break up over it. You may both feel that complete and total monogamy is an unnatural state.

He can come up with a lot of kink in the bedroom and you have no problem matching him in that.

Libra with Gemini, Romantic Summary

This match has the potential to be fabulous.

If you want to last with a Gemini he has to be one who is evolved/mature. If you have an immature Gemini on your hands the relationship will take a lot of hard work.

If you can accept him for who he is (good and bad), and if he can do the same for you, you can have a really happy long lasting romance. There is a chance of marrying.

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