Libra and Cancer Compatibility

Libra and Cancer


After you have had a few sultry romances with unreliable men, you may be drawn to Cancer man.

Cancer, What He's Like...

Generally, he will gladly give you all the loving care you can take.

The good thing about him is, he may be the type of guy that likes to cook for you or at least help you cook.

He's the kind of partner that will stay up with you when you aren't feeling well or be near by with a mug of tea.

He's the kind of guy who will tell you that you're beautiful and you won't have to fish for compliments.

He's the kind of boyfriend that will move you from apartment to apartment and will paint your house.

He's a tender hearted guy who feels profoundly, is warm and magnanimous.

Libra and Cancer, What You are Like Together

When you are down, he is right there cheering you up and best of all he understands how you are feeling.

When you have had a laborious day at work, he gives you a warm hug and draws you a relaxing bath.

You may come across a Cancer man who has been so hurt before that he defends his heart by being detached, you are a wiz getting him to be less afraid of being vulnerable.

You would make great platonic friends because you can have great conversations about anything.

Cancer may have reason, but in relationships he doesn’t use it; emotions rule.

You are a person who has feelings yes, but you mainly employ logic or reason to situations.

He is temperamental and sometimes he is so glum, he brings you down along with him. Luckily, he doesn't get so gloomy that it damages the general well being you feel when you are together.

For a while, you will love how comfortable he sets the two of you up to enjoy a quiet night at home, all curled up together.

His devotion is evident and he is clear about his love of being home, you know he doesn't like the nightlife too much. But, how long you will be enchanted with this homebody, who knows.

He might really be into sports, I don't know if you are a Libra who is into sports, but you probably aren't.

Libra and Cancer- Points of Conflict

You two do come at life from different points of view.

You need to socialize, climb the career ladder and enjoy what life has to offer; doing your daily job and then home to enjoy being at home will soon bore you.

So you will try to sweet-talk and cajole him into enjoying going out, the more obstinate he gets about staying home.

Eventually, you don't even bother, you go off with your friends to have fun.

He isn't a stingy man, but if you share finances his pragmatic mind won't accept you buying the latest expensive fashions and trendy items.

He won't understand that being well presented means something to you, you are naturally aesthetic person. The way he sees it, if you don't need it, it's frivolous and lavish.

If you can talk him into seeing things your way; the probability for you both to be happy together goes up.

If he lets you do your own thing and he doesn't get too jealous this is another plus towards you working out.

Libra and Cancer- How you Fight or Don't Fight

When the two of you get into a tiff, it won't be easy because you are using your mind and he is using his feelings to argue your points, you will not resolve things this way.

However, you do makeup for a while once you get to feeling mushy and he gets to feeling amorous.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility, Sexual Love

When it comes to sex he comes at it emotionally, there is romance yes, but it stems from feelings; you need to be turned on mentally and he doesn't get it.

He may not be able to comprehend how to turn you on, he won't always know what you need.

Libra and Cancer, Romantic Summary

If you are both determined to see your relationship through the tough times, you may make it.

But, in all honesty, you and he would both have to be ready to settle into it and both be of the mature kind of your zodiac signs.

When it is all said and done, you may last quite a while, but it's a no go for marital bliss.

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