Libra and Aries Compatibility

Libra and Aries


Libra and Aries are frequently drawn to one another.

If Libra lady gets together with Aries because of this attraction, it generally doesn't last, since their dispositions don't meld very well.

Aries, What He's Like...

If he doesn't have any Planets in signs that mitigate, he is not the mushy sort.

Libra and Aries, What You are Like Together

You are captivating, he is equally so; he comes around and sweeps you off your feet, boy is he sexy. You will bewitch him, he'll enchant you.

You start off drawn to one another. You are both capricious and will jump into something too soon. If the two of you become too  close too soon, it may end that way too, quickly and impetuously.

You have great taste and you will make his life more lovely. He gives you those butterflies that all of us girls want.

Being at home with you he will feel like a prince among men; He will in turn leave you feeling giddy and delighted.

You are good-natured and tolerant, you are benevolent, worldly and self-respecting.

You are diplomatic, thoughtful and tender. You are able to bear his tantrums even if it means tuning him out.

When you are first together and he is trying to win you, yes it will be quite romantic, but you will need much more from him to sustain your attraction for him.

As a Libra most probably you want to marry and when that happens you'll make a fine wife.  Does he bring enough substance to your relationship?

You tend to attack things in a soft and delicate way, this is not the usual way he wants his women to be. He usually prefers a woman who goes for what she wants with gusto, this he notices.

He usually prefers a woman who is more exacting with him, one who draws the line and dares him to cross her. You are prone to be more consenting and mute.

You are a person who just has to try and help when someone has something troubling them, even if you have to put yourself last.

He is a person who helps himself first, he may think how can I help someone else before I help myself and besides most people aren't thankful for the help anyway.

Libra and Aries- Points of Conflict

You think things should be fair between couples. You will think his machismo is cute the first few times he displays this trait. Once you notice this is how he is, you become wary of his need to be in charge.

You will come to discover that he likes all the attention of the room and you end up stealing it. This man will be a man that keeps you from being your wonderful self, he restrains you.

When you want to do your own thing, he will think you're just trying to hurt him.

He loves intellectually, what will annoy you about this is that he can't express how he feels as openly and easily as you can. He may think that men who are expressive about their feelings are fragile and feminine.

You are a woman who says something and stands by it, once you have made your final decision. He will irritate you because he will say things and not follow through.

He doesn't yearn for things past and he doesn't idealize the future. This man is a "now" sort of person.

I have said this for a reason, here it is:

If you get to the point that you need to tell him, "Remember when you and I were like this or that?"

Or, "Where do you think this is going?", he will not really engage, he may say "Why are you worrying about that?" "Lets enjoy the now."

This all leads to you feeling more insecure and less important than you felt before.

Libra and Aries- How you Fight or Don't Fight

He may use your flaws against you as punishment or to just make you feel bad; sadistic right?

He can be self-serving, egotistical and ungenerous and he cuts you off when you have important things to say.

You are able to abide these qualities as long as you know he loves you. You'll find yourself excusing and justifying his offenses.

You know how to stroke his ego, even if it means grinning and bearing it.

Libra and Aries Compatibility, Sexual Love

He is passionate and you will feel that passion in the bedroom. He may keep you up all night sexing you up.

When it comes to sex, sure he's able to "get it done", but he is curiously sexually suppressed.

Once you notice this about him, you will try to diplomatically get him to be more open.

Instead of doing that he will feel disrespected and he will misunderstand you, thinking you are telling him he isn't being a man.

That's not the only difference between your dispositions that will show up in the bedroom. If you try and be the more dominant one in bed, he will balk.

Libra and Aries, Romantic Summary

When it comes down to it you may have too many differences in your personalities to make this work.

If you have Signs that mitigate your differences, you may have a nice liaison or longer term thing, but you shouldn't marry.

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