Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio


The of you together will be as wonderful as eating chocolate and anchovies.

Gemini and Scorpio, What You are Like Together

(Not as Bad)

He sees the good attributes in you right away, faster then most men. The inverse is true too; he also sees your flaws right away.

Is it the same on your side? No, not a chance, he can remain an enigma to you for a long time. You are expressive and open in what you feel, think and know. He keeps things close to the chest.

He will envy the way you don't let things or people get the best of you.

You won't find many things to connect on, you have different points of view.

You are more cerebral, your a thinker; He's a feeler and is more emotional.

You are "have money, will spend" ; He is" time is money".

You like to keep things light and flirty; He wants all-consuming can't live without you.

You live your life keeping yourself busy (work and social); He lives his life as a learning project always out to make himself a better man.

He is possessive and unplayful, a green eyed monster walks with him; you like your autonomy and you're more dégagé.

If this man has fallen for you, he is in an all consuming love for you. At the start of your romance he gives lots of care to you and your well being within the relationship.

He'll telephone you when he says he will and give you anything you need to feel loved. This wonderful thing may not last for the duration of your relationship, you will find that certain behaviors begin stop.

Gemini and Scorpio, What You are Like Together

(The Bad)

You may feel that this man is up to something, the thing is you don't care to find out what that is.

He wants to manipulate you, but when is he ever going to learn that you can't be manipulated?  You do as you please.

You put him through the ringer emotionally, his moodiness will get the point that you won't even notice his low points.

He will want to yank his ears of because he thinks you talk too much . You will want to jab yourself in the eye because of how silent he tends to be.

Gemini and Scorpio, What You are Like Together

(The Worst)

The two of you have this dynamic of using words to provoke one another, like some kind of one-upmanship word game.

At times he will give a caustic remark to you and your prompt and you'll crack him in the ass with your own equally sarcastic quip.

He will have really bad moods and you will come to detest this about him.

He may come to see you as a frivolous, shallow or glib woman.

You may come to see him as  an acquisitive, aggressive and offensive man.

When you are first getting to know one another he will think you are a novel woman, so new and different from what he's used to. Once you have spent enough time with one another, you might both feel you wish you never met.

Gemini and Scorpio- Conflicts and Fights

Things between you will tend to get strained when you are around others, especially other men. He is possessive of you and doesn't trust others easily. When he notices how pleased (flirty) you are around others (men) he won't like it.

When his jealousy rears its head you are offended by it.  When he treats you like you belong to him you have two minds about it,  one is that you feel safe in that (Scorpio type of love) and it scares you at the same time, making you want to get out.

Because of his fears of losing you when he has deep feelings, you probably have really rough and nasty fights; Yo u won't take much of this for long.

Making It Work

Your points of view are not in or from the same direction, because of this, your attitudes seldom coincide and your relationship gets shaky. If you want to make it work:

  1. The key here is for you to recognize that he is protective over his woman, it's not that he doesn't trust you, he is untrusting of others (men); to him he is protecting you when he gets jealous.

    I don't think you would put up with this type of male attitude long enough to understand him though.
  2. In most instances, He will demonstrate by his actions that he loves you, not as often verbally.
  3. You should remember to praise him, when you both know he deserves it; he wants you to be proud to have him.
  4. He may not want to be out as much as you naturally need to be, being around other people and socializing makes you happy so he tries to please you, but
    he always falls short.

For those trying to work it out, here's a Song:

That's What Love Is For
Songwriters:Michael Omartian/Mark Muller/Amy Grant

Sometimes we make it harder than it is
We'll take a perfect night
And fill it up with words we don't mean
Dark sides best unseen
And we wonder why we're feeling this way

Sometimes I wonder if we really feel the same
Why we can be unkind
Questioning the strongest of hearts
That's when we must start
Believing in the one thing that has gotten us this far

Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility, Sexual Love

The one place that your temperaments will connect is in the bedroom.

When you have sex you will feel closer to one another. When you are both in a similar mood sex will make you feel more intimate.

He makes love passionately and he is skillful, he is enough for you to remain interested in sex. Once you have been made love to by this man, you will want it with him love and over. In fact sex may be so good it keeps you together.

Gemini and Scorpio, Romantic Summary

When all is said and done, you may last a while, but not all the way to a marriage.

Not a very beneficial coupling.

If you can't work it out here is:

Love Quote:


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