Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility

Gemini and Sagittarius


Most of the couples of this matching don't last too long, it's difficult.

But if you are both of the mature members of your zodiac sign and you are ready to put effort into your relationship, you may be one of the Gemini and Sagittarius couples that make it work.

You are the two sides of the same coin in most ways.

Sagittarius , What He's Like...

This guy is fun, he has joie de vivre and he loves the human race especially lady humans...

Speaking of Lady humans, you are magnetic to him; you really draw him in.

He is oh so easy to fall for. Watch out! You just fell for a Saggy male.

The good thing about being with a Sagittarius man is that he will not take you for granted, (mostly) and he will respect your independence.

Although, he will always want to tell you the truth (bluntly), he will not try to hide what is on his mind or what he's done.

If there ever comes a time when he sleeps with another woman (does your intuition tell you so?)  Just ask him, he may just tell you, yes I did.

At least, that's refreshing in a heart breaking way, right?

Gemini and Sagittarius , What You are Like Together

He is one person you have would have a wonderful time taking trips with.

Everything this man does becomes more fun, you like spending time with him. He is amusing, amiable, nonsensical and goofy. Being with him, you'll become accustomed to anticipating surprises.

You need to talk, differentiate and discover, he finds this appealing; not to mention he understands this part of you because he is similar.

One of the places that you do well together is in communication; discourse continues when he stops talking and starts listening, you are able keep the thoughts/ideas going.

You won’t share many nights at home just the two of you; the two of you have so many friends that invariably one or another’s set of friends will always have some social thing for you to do.

You both prefer to have your autonomy; however you need that independence in dissimilar ways. He needs to know that he can do what he wants when he wants and with whom he wants.

You can be oblivious to something or someone until your partner says don't do that, don't see him, or some other “don’t”. Out of spite you will do just what he says not to; just to show where you stand on having your freedom to choose.

The relationship between you and a Sagittarius man will be a complicated one, but one that if worked on can grow into a happy one.

Gemini and Sagittarius -Points of Conflict

Some of your conflicts will be in the financial area.

If you want something from him, approach him in a sweet way, if you persistently just annoy him with what you want like a nag, he will disappear for a while.

You have a pragmatic part to your personality that is not seen by him at first and this will cause some problems between you.

You ignore his advice often, you shouldn't, it gets to him.

With this man you show a jealous trait, he doesn't appreciate this.

Here is a trait you share and it will get on both your nerves:

You are scatterbrained at times; he may not rely on you to do as you say you're going to do.

He is sometimes wanting in the virtue of  implementing his intentions; you can count on him being unreliable too.

Oh he makes promises and so do you, but more often then not, things happen that distract both of you.

This is a case of seeing something you don't like in yourself in someone else.

There are times when he will hurt your feelings, not on purpose, mind you. He just assumes that you're very practically his buddy and you since you let things slide of your back so often, you don't really get hurt.

What you can do is tell him, tell him that yes, you don't express how you feel that often, but you have emotions and indeed you can feel hurt.

Not that he will like it when you "get serious",  he is most happy with you when everything is fun and games.

Once you confront him with your feelings and where is this going, he'll realize that he hasn't really thought of that and he will pull back.

Sagittarians like their autonomy, you may have the same sentiment, but with Sagittarius especially the  men, it's important to be free (meaning no ball and chain). So what I am telling you is don't push for the serious talk or the where is this going talk, he may just drop of the face of the earth, to show you how "free" he is.

So keep your lips zipped, no ultimatums and no commitment talk. Keep it fun when he is with you, of course if he does or says something that hurts, mention it but don't nag, he will work his way into a relationship with you all on his own.

Just be sure you have a mature Sag and not an immature one or else he will cheat.

Gemini and Sagittarius ,Compatibility, Sexual Love

There is a potent sexual attraction between you and sexual desire for one another will be high.

Sex is really hot between the two of you. You both are pretty open sexually, so that naturally leads to doing various thing in bed, whatever turns you and he on, will happen.

Gemini and Sagittarius , Romantic Summary

If you are not too cranky and changeable with your feelings and your emotions can stay at a nice balance, you may hold onto this man and him you, for as long as you like. You may even marry him.

Love Song:

Just The Way You Are
Songwriters:Billy Joel


I don't want clever conversation
I never want to work that hard
I just want someone that I can talk to
I want you just the way you are.


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