Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

Gemini and Pisces

You are an unusual but fascinating couple, in the bedroom and in life, but it may work between some of you.

A Gemini and Pisces match is inharmonious and unfitting, you don't have many things in common, except this:

As a Gemini you already have two sides to your personality, guess what other sign shares that quality with you? Pisces of course, his two sides are always coming and going.

Pisces, What He's Like...

He can be full of opinions, optimistic and lucid on this day and then tight-lipped, making no sense and reclusive on another.

He allows you to feel whatever you are feeling and he doesn’t attempt to invalidate them.

He thinks you are too focused on the superficial and pettiness.

To him the way you think is engrossing yet perplexing.

Gemini and Pisces, What You are Like Together

You both need a partner you can have fun with.

You are a chatterbox and he doesn't talk much.

You can learn a lot from this man, the good news is you know this instinctively.

The funny thing here is before you fall in love he will be the clingy one, but this may change when you fall for him, things will reverse.

The Curious Ways you Get On

In some matches of these your two signs, you may notice that inspite of being attracted to him in the beginning, you actually don't like him.

In others, you will or may love him, but it's one of him that you love.

He is capable of understanding what you want, he can be very aware and this is the man that you dig. When the other "he" shows up so does the conflict.

He may think that you are cold and you talk to much. He may find you hard to tolerate, he will simultaneously think that you're so intriguing that he loves you.

If you can comprehend this attitude between the two of you, you have been with him too long or he must be a pretty eligible man and so he keeps you materially happy.

Sure, you get depressed, but you don't hold it up like some badge of romance; in fact, you easily let it go. He is emotional and mushy when he feels wretched and depressed, he thinks it's the romantic in him.

You think that as his feelings grow, he gets preoccupied by them making him more self-involved.

Gemini and Pisces- Points of Conflict

It will baffle you that he can be contentious at times, but he is never pushy when it's called for. If and when you try to force him to be that, he will become ferociously indignant.

He likes to pull away going into his own world so that he can work out troubles on his own; you desperately want to know why he does what he does.

He finds you on his own time, when he has figured out what to do and how to do it, you have to let him be and abide by this or you will have fights.

What Can Put Stress on your Love

He will bring anguish on himself by thinking on all sorts of weird and depressing things, because he lacks self-confidence.

What he really needs is a woman who will show allegiance to him, a woman who will allow him to feel safe enough to go out and fight the big bad world because she is on his side.

If you neglect him in this, he will eventually want a break.

On this you can't betray him, he has to feel that you are his champion, if not he will pull away and pull away until he is just...gone.

At times, you will need him to be your defender too; it just boils down to both of you needing one another to be a shoulder to lean on.

The strongest person you ever find him to be will not be a strong enough person in your eyes, but you must accept this. You must also accept that many times you will have to take the reigns and do what needs to be done, leaving him to follow.

The thing that will make you want to break with him is if he is just so mawkish you can't take it any longer.

If you break up it will be your choice, I wouldn't be surprised if he cried while you did it.

He will depressingly pine for you hoping you will come back.

If you do break up it won't be a peaceful, lets just move on thanks, he will drag it out.

Gemini and Pisces Compatibility, Sexual Love

Sexual intimacy is wonderful with the two of you, although you are the wilder one and he is more amorous.

Gemini and Pisces, Romantic Summary

This relationship will be in a precarious position, if you hold on to him too tightly or tenaciously, and he pulls away too much and too often.

If he doesn't allow you to play with his emotions, you can have a good thing going.

If issues between you are worked out, then sure, you have the potential to build a long term relationship that may lead to marriage.

A confused love song for a confusing but fascinating couple:

Love Song:

I Will Remember You
Songwriters: Amy Grant/Gary Chapman/Keith Thomas

Look in my eyes while you're near
Tell me what's happening here
See that I don't want to say, good-bye

Our love is frozen in time
I'll be your champion and you will be mine


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