Gemini and Libra Compatibility

Gemini and Libra


With each other you will find encouragement, playfulness and laughs. You can achieve much together.

The two of you are of the Air Element; you may think alike and feel a like.

If you are of a strong character and so is he, the two of you should have a happy life living together... maybe you should go for it.

Libra, What He's Like...

He is dashing and is very stylish in how he dresses.

He is captivating enough to leave you speechless and that's saying something.

He leaves you wanting more information on how he ticks. He captivates you enough that you want to  discover what he's about.

He will be fascinated that you are shrewd enough to figure out what he is going to do before he does it.

He seems worldly and urbane, but underneath all that he is timid and uncertain.

He has a way of staring into a woman's eyes that leaves her breathless and this you will love. His eyes have it; he gives you butterflies whenever he gazes at you.

When he is being his best Libra self, he's hard to refuse.

Gemini and Libra, What You are Like Together

You both need to be in charge of your own lives, have your own freedoms. You both need to experience new things.

You both need to be out amongst other people; to socialize.

You can be very naughty together. Your relationship with him will never bore you.

One great thing about Libra is that he will never stop courting (romancing) you.

  1. He will tell you in words how he feels about you.
  2. He will romance you even after he has you.
  3. He will complement your womanly charms.

He has a charm with sweet words and praise that is a keystone of a Libra man, just enjoy it for the wonderful feelings you get from him in this way.

This one caveat about all of that romance:

If he is an underdeveloped Libra or isn't truly ready to give up other women, he will be using these lines with all women he is involved with; (it can be multiple concurrent romances or consecutive ones), still the same words.

He doesn't smother women, but he is romantic, you will love this about him. He may want the two of you to do your own thing a little more than you do.

You will have to show him that you don't want to confine or control him, he can do what he wants.

He will be remorseful and reassure you when you feel jealous, but if it goes on too long and escalates he will stop being so with you.

When you are feeling down, he will bring presents like chocolates, wine or flowers to cheer you up.

When he is feeling down you are able to step out of it by making him laugh.

When you are together, he can't get enough of the sweet affection and you don't sweat the stupid small stuff.

He needs a woman that is his other half, his meant to be; he has a type. You don't think in those terms, but you are willing to try different types of men, you don't really have a type.

Gemini and Libra- How you Fight or Don't Fight

He won't like cleaning and when you ask him to help, he may not and if you start to scold him, he will leave.

If your temper flares to many times with him he will think you just have temper tantrums like a child.

Whenever he sees your temper flare at him, he tends to leave (if you live together) or leave the phone conversation (if you’re on the phone).

He naturally feels that his woman getting mad isn't womanly. If you are upset because you feel vulnerable of being hurt by him, this he will respond to. However, if he responds, but you drag on and on with your upsets, he will then freeze you out.

Something to think about:

He seems serene and chill, but don't let that fool you. His silence will drive you to start doubting his love for you and bring you to pushiness, don't let it.

This is where your main conflict is: he averts disputes, you court them.

Generally, a Gemini and Libra partnership should bring satisfaction because of this one saving grace, you both know that relationships require work and nurturing and are willing to do it.

Gemini and Libra Compatibility, Sexual Love

You both have probably had some booty call nights or a one night stand night, you are both pretty open sexually.

You like your body to be adored in bed and so does he. Sex will be wonderful for the two of you, the only thing is he might wish you'd act more coy and gentle.

Libras are usually expert love-makers, because they have had lots of practice.

He likes to have sex and his libido is strong you will be satisfied with sex with him, he'll give you all of the  stimulation you need. You'll have lots of sex and it won't ever get boring.

Gemini and Libra, Romantic Summary

Definitely has potential for long lasting coupling, if:

  1. He is ready to make a commitment to you only.
  2. You are ready to commit.
  3. He can soften what he feels are your edges.
  4. You become a woman who fits him.

This can be a durable union that may reach marriage.

A beneficial pairing.

Love Song:

What You Won't Do for Love
Bobby Caldwell

I guess you wonder where I´ve been
I searched to find a love within
I came back to let you know
Got a thing for you and I can´t let go

What you won´t do, do for love
You´ve tried everything but you don´t give up
In my world only you makes me do
For love what I would not do


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