Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Aries and Virgo


He thinks of you as a dynamic woman, full of surprises.

This man is can be dedicated, is reserved and may not be that sexual, for the right woman this is great; is she you? Will his traits be of value to you?  I'm not to sure about that.

Virgo,  What He's Like...

He is a composed man, a consistent man, you can appreciate this in a person, but it seems that he is lacking certain qualities that you also value.

He finds your fervency appealing, although, he doubts he can control how heated you can get and this is what he really wants to do.

He'll question your agitated state, he'll concern himself with your bad health habits.

He will think you are a riddle he needs to figure out, because the things that annoy him about you make him want you more.

Aries and  Virgo -What You are Like Together

This man has things he wants to do with his life and so do you.

You are full of activity, there is always something you want to do.

He is mentally preoccupied; he ponders, reasons and reflects.

You are great at starting things; he is great at finishing them.

You'll think that he is great at handling things for you, he thinks he had better handle things because you don't do them right (his way).

You go from one thing to another, just a quick perusal; he analyzes down to the last detail before he moves on.

When you are sick or feeling bad Virgo will love taking care of you, he probably has something for everything.

He also loves taking care of you when you are sick because Virgos love to give of themselves in this way, they like to be of service, let him be your care taker.

Financially Aries and Virgo aren't well matched, he is economical and cautious; you like to splurge a bit and you spend impulsively.

You can be reckless and carefree; He is worried and conservative.

You do things to the highest limit; he finds the  dependable halfway place and stays with that.

He has a restrained and reticent disposition; you don't push pause when you need to take action, you just go.

You like to be around other people, taking in the excitements life has to offer; He much prefers to stay home and enjoy the silence.

Aries and  Virgo - How you Fight or Don't Fight

He won't like it when your temper flares up.

You won't like it when he tries to "help (= criticize)".

He will psychoanalyze you to distraction, and you will plead with him to stop doing that.

He will pester you with criticisms:

  1. Telling you why you should manage your time so you aren't perpetually late.

    Telling you that you need to be neater with your person (the way you look) or home.

You will both have to be really patient with one another, the thing is your aren't the most patient and so your romance has a hard time lasting happily.

You will both propose things to amend your relationship, but instead of improving it, these ideas will cause a conflict where each of you try to wrest control from the other.

You both can avoid these scenarios easily if at the start of your relationship you take measures to keep things that cause you to rebel against one another under control.

Aries and Virgo Compatibility, Sexual Love

He is a man who likes to be of service, you can use this to your benefit sexually:

You should probably tell him that sex is good for colds and flu’s, and that you should have to often to ward them off; that will take care of his sexual abstinence.

He is warm and thoughtful in bed and you will like this.

The good thing about sex with Virgo is that he is ready to try things that are new to him to please you.

The things is though he never suggests anything and this may leave you feeling as if it's a little one sided and this leads you to feeling unsatisfied and blasé about sex with him.

If this man's chart contains a lot of Virgo to back up this Virgo sun sign, your relationship from his point of view will not be based on anything sexual or passionate.

Since you are a sexual woman, you should probably move on from this one.

Aries and Virgo, Romantic Summary

You and Virgo don't come close to being well-matched, but, if the two of you are ready to take in what the other person says they want and maybe, compromise you could learn a lot from one another.

  1. If he is good at numbers and does all his own tax work come April 15th, he will be patient in teaching you to do your own and this lesson could benefit you for your whole life.

  2. You could also learn how to better organize your time by observing him.
  3. You could learn to walk in another persons shoes and see the view they see.

If the two of you have things you like to do in your spare time together, and you have some of the same patterns of behavior, you can make this pairing work better. 

If you don't have some commonalities, your relationship could be hard on the both of you.

Having said all that:

You are both very different from one another when you first get together, you may adjust your ways in this relationship, but when all is said and done, you return to being the people you were before you met and have experienced no changes to your personalities; no lesson learned or manners altered.

You may be together for a while, but you won't marry.


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