Aries and Taurus Combination

Aries and Taurus


When you meet him and you like him, don't be too impatient… Wait for him and let him win you over, then, you can make a good go of it.

Taurus, What He's Like...

Warning signal!

He likes to take things easy and steady; your flow is more like a hurry.

Don't be too fast with him; don’t push him...  He will give you a cold shoulder.

You see, he wants to learn about you at his own leisurely pace, you need to have a little patience with this man in his movement from relationship stage to relationship stage.

Taurus is represented sometimes by a Bulls Head, it certainly paints a descriptive picture of his sign; this guy is bull-headed.

Taurus is romantic and this may seem funny to you being that he is so pragmatic.

He will take you out on the town for dinners and you can appreciate that.

He can be generous, but it is tentative generosity.

He gives, you give back, you won't appreciate that. 

You will vex him and baffle him, however, he will fall for you more and more....

He is also very artistic, liking to make artistic things or if not he highly appreciated them. He loves a woman who cooks and is great at it.  He may try to let you know that things of artistic nature interest him, but you may not share this interest.

This man can be a little too stuck on you and a little too jealous for your taste, there is even a danger of him getting a bit preoccupied with you.

This man wants all the love you have to give, body, mind and soul. To be sure this may be more than you are prepared to give of yourself.

What You are Like Together

You like to go where your mood takes you; he likes his usual haunts.

You usually rule men in your relationships, and while he aspires to be and is amenable to giving a woman what she wants when she says please, he doesn't want to be told in a demanding way what he should do.

You have a natural need to try new things and ideas.

You want things improved quickly, you are impatient; you get restless when rewards are delayed.

His thinking is coherent and cautious; sometimes your thoughts are illogical, but they are seldom firm, so they are subject to change.

He is immovable and stuck in the his ways. He doesn't think twice about doing something even if it takes forever and a day to reap rewards.

You can give him a run for his hard earned and well managed money when it comes to being obstinate, can you not?

You may end up feeling baffled by his thinking and strangled by his cautious mental attitude.  He may be perturbed by all of your new ideas and new ways for doing things.

He would give up anything if it means he has a secure future; you live life in the present no matter what.

You have an energetic style about you that turns him on, he isn't energetic enough for you.

He doesn't like challenges, safety means more to him; you don't mind challenges,  in fact they make you feel alive.

Aries and Taurus -How You Fight or Don't Fight

You each want to be in control and this need brings friction.

He will resent you and you will resent him. No matter what you give it will not be enough for him, he will be fearful of being displaced by a rival and you will feel as if you are property.

Aries and Taurus Compatibility, Sexual Love

Don’t rush him... especially for the first time you guys are together sexually. He will freeze you out for good.

He has profound skills in bed, don't I know it; and you will definitely appreciate those.

You are the type of woman who gives him the lovemaking he wants, but don't let him think for one second you would be this way for other men.

You both have exquisite appetites for sex, only Taurus sets sex higher up on the list than other things in a relationship.

You may end up feeling and mentioning that he has the wrong thing (sex) on his absolutely important list

The thing is, he really can't operate in a normal way unless his sexual needs are fulfilled; you on the other hand need to be stimulated outside of your relationship in order to be revved up for sex.

Aries and Taurus, Romantic Summary

So are you a good match? Well, that depends:

If you don't work on this relationship, the match won't be ideal.
If you do work on it, you  could end up married.

In any case this relationship will be full of passion.

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