Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Aries and Scorpio


Out of all these matches, the relationship with a Scorpio will be one of the hardest to have a life that is peaceful.

You both may like to play the field.

Who's more irritable and bad tempered? You know the answer, he is.

Other than Aries this is the only other man who can argue with you, but he is a lot more sneakier than you.

Scorpio , What He's Like...and,
What You are Like Together

He is a complicated man, he is temperamental and you will not like this because his brooding will encroach on your impish ways.  He will be a drag when you want to have fun time, after a while this will get on your nerves enough to cause you to argue with him.

You will not notice when he is scheming and trying to influence you to his own advantage.

This man will be suspicious of being replaced by a rival for your love and will act possessively with you.

Out of all the zodiac signs he stays true and firm, he holds fast and when he finds his "one", he aims to be with her for life.

He is able to verbalize his love feelings for you, but that may be the only feeling he can express verbally.

He has particular models of excellence or perfection in his mind and if you fail to fulfil these requirements, he has no trouble pushing you away to become a workaholic.

Home is important to him; it's where he loosens up, where he can get away from the world.  Too much time at home can leave you feeling cut off from the world and its excitements.

Aries and Scorpio - Points of Conflicts, friction and arguments...

The pairing of Aries and Scorpio is very passionate, yet there is an elemental conflict here between Fire and Water.

In your Elemental group you both are the most passionate about getting your way, you aren't big on compromise when you want something bad enough.

You both will be injured and cause injury to one another because of the friction you can experience.

You won't enjoy his not fawning over you or agreeing with you on how amazing you are.

He won't enjoy you focusing on yourself as much, he wants a woman who gets how enigmatic he is and in captivated by his mystical ways.

He is full of mystery and you want them revealed to you, but you won't have much patience with his inscrutable ways.

If his hidden secrets leave you wary and you feel that you can't place your faith in him, you won't feel bad about shutting the door on him and opening your heart to someone else.

Scorpio will try to take control; you will resist this by ignoring him. You will do everything not to cave in on principle.

When you are pushy and demanding he will respond with bitingly cruel words on top of not doing what you want.

What is one thing that comes to everyones mind about Scorpio, that's right they have extremely jealous natures, being this way is part of who he is.

This trait of his will prove to be a problem for you, but you will take more of this from your Scorpio than you would from a Taurus or a Cancer.

But eventually, he may have trouble being this way with you. The more profound his love gets for you, the more you become afraid of this kind of commitment.

Aries and Scorpio Compatibility, Sexual Love

In bed you are amazing together.

If it were possible the two of you would spend all your time having sex,  since that isn't possible, you may still find weekend days that you stay in bed most of the day.

When it comes to sex, he is ravenous, but he is not accommodating; you have to accept him the way he is.

Aries and Scorpio, Romantic Summary

You are very brave and he really holds that in high esteem, but he doesn't feel that you are very refined in your ways.

You seem to always take the reins before he does and that doesn't sit right with him, he believes that he should be in charge.

You are a secure woman who has dreams and goals of her own.

Sure, He values your toughness, energy, how driven you can be, your skills and achievements. But, in the end when you think about it, can you respect the man he is? The way he goes about getting what he wants in life? If you can then...

The two of you need to get a hold of an equilibrium:

You can just leave him be when he’s feeling down and out and he can let you be yourself and accept that you aren't a docile woman and won't put up with jealousy.

If you can work things out, as a couple, you can make it last, you may even take it all the way to marriage.

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