Aries and Libra Compatibility

Aries and Libra


No matter what happens, good or bad, this relationship will be in a precarious position.

Libra, What He's Like...

Libra likes to live life fully.

Libra is a romantic at heart; this will charm you; until you realize it's just theoretically romantic. You will find that you want to be loved in a more profound way than Libra loves.

He appeals to many women and he knows that he is charismatic. He flirts with love, he'll have deep feelings for one woman this week and feels the same next week for another.

He is softly sexy; he is excruciatingly sultry and damn! His animal magnetism. Oh yes, you are drawn in by this man.

I think of Libra Man as the Casanova of the zodiac... Okay maybe yours might not be, but I wouldn't take his words of love to heart unless it's been some time.

He isn't a complete Cad, he does make an effort to give you peace of mind and get along.

The biggest warning that comes with a Libra man is to watch out because the instant that your relationship with him becomes disenchanting he's a goner.

Once he has decided that whatever feelings he expressed verbally or through action that he is in love are no longer so, he may just say you are a nice woman, but it's him not you.

Not being in love, is one instance you'll see Libra easily decide and go with that, it would almost be comical if it wasn't so hurtful for the one in love with them.

So, any fantasies he has about you should remain integral, you have to motivate yourself into keeping him pleased;

  1.  Use sexy night things.
  2.  Wake up before he does an brush teeth and fix your hair and face or wear mineral makeup that you can sleep in.
  3. Don't let him tag along to the salon, he shouldn't let see you getting your hair done.
  4. No going to bed wearing facial masks.
  5. No letting him see you brushing your teeth or any other personal grooming.

Aries and Libra -What You are Like Together

This man can't make a decision and then he does, oh relief and then, wait a minute, he has changed his mind; this man will drive you to pills.

Oh and you, well, you'll make him so anxious and skittish and on top of that you'll bruise his ego and self confidence many times.

Love doesn't overwhelm Libra, he doesn't have a deep need to shout of it on a mountain top; in fact Libra's season of love doesn't even endure for very long.

What's more plausible with a Libra is a situation where you may have to prod Libra to acknowledge his love for you; he may just plainly say he doesn't know if he does, leaving you dumfounded.

Aries and Libra - How you Fight or Don't Fight

No matter what you and he believe, you're not a lady he will easily get along with.

Libra is cool-headed and poised, and you are a woman that can make him hot under the collar and I don't mean in a good way.

You are forthright and candid with your thoughts, he likes his women to be more delicate, diplomatic and tactful.

He will come to see you as controlling and when you try to do that he will be disgusted with himself because he can't say no to you easily. He will not like this, he prefers an easier more docile woman.

You have a quick temper and when it blows up he finds you truly alarming.

He doesn't like to fight and confrontations disturb him, he likes things to remain serene.

For you this may be a bit much because arguing your case against someone else is something that energizes you. So when things come up, you will confront him and he will respond by freezing you out.

Although, when he is tense, he can be as cruel as anyone. The only thing to do is find out what is bothering him and if it has to do with you, try not to repeat it.

If it is something that he did that lead you to do what you did, don't try to argue your point that he was wrong at first, he will hardly ever agree with you and you don't like to admit when you are wrong either, in my mind I guess, it's a draw.

If you have made up your mind to have this Libra man, you will have to endure the conflicts.

Aries and Libra Compatibility, Sexual Love

He likes to have romantic sex and when married or involved he will remain a flirt with love. You better be ready for all the romantic gestures he will have in store for you.

He may even be into role playing.

Aries and Libra people have titillating sex; as a couple you have delicious sex.
Another important warning, no headache nights when he wants to make love, never cancel sex.

Aries and Libra, Romantic Summary

An Aries and Libra relationship can last or it can fizzle out.

It really depends on you mainly and a bit on if he is ready for a long term connection. I am going to describe some reason why it might fizzle out, here:

You start to wonder what is going on because, initially, he was attracted to you, like a moth to a flame.

But soon enough he will realize that your connection is on shaky ground because you are too much, and he won't want to stay around to witness a total degradation, no matter how glamorous you are and how good the sex is.

If you don't have the patience to deal with Libra, but you are attracted to him, there is a situation where you and a Libra man could have a hot love affair with no conflicts or headaches for you; keep it a short and passionate fling.

If you are able to steel yourself from falling for the ideas he charms into other women's heads, you may just be able to have fun with him.

Then you can move on in search of a man who isn't as quick to jump into and out of a relationship, but when he loves it's more lasting.

Or you can play the long game and win him.

If you are determined to win Libra for good, there are things you need to keep in mind:

  • Don't scare him with your impulsive outbursts.
  • Don't push him to decide.
  • Don't give any of the reason above to pass on getting involved with you.

Make sure you know all of the things that cause Libra's indecision to take hold and avoid these pitfalls so that he doesn't start pro and conning his way to a break and your relationship with him may go long term.

Funny enough, it is conceivable for you to end up a married couple.

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