Aries and Leo Compatibility

Aries and Leo


You are straight forward and this he enjoys in a woman.

Your looks and sexy persona will make him want to take you out so other men can envy his luck.

Leo, What He's Like...

This man has swagger and this is something you enjoy in a man.

Even though he will be a little arrogant and condescending when he points out your flaws, you will feel that he accepts that this is part of your personality and he loves you just the way you are.

What He Needs in a Woman

When it comes to being his woman you have to be a total woman and you have to be every woman.

From now on as a Leo's woman your theme song will be: Chaka Khan 1978 /Whitney Houston 1992: I'm every woman" Songwriters: Simpson, Valerie / Ashford, Nickolas

Here's a quote from it:

"I’m every woman, it’s all in me.
Anything you want done, baby,
I'll do it naturally. I’m every woman,
It's all in me. Anything you want
done, baby, I'll do it naturally. "

Here's the original version by Chaka Khan 1978. You can find Whitney's version online it's great too.

Or you can just think and remember what kind of woman you were when you made him chase you until you caught him, and be that.

What You are Like Together

The rapport here will be instant, full of warm, ardent passion, you will both be entirely engrossed in one another.

What do you get out of this relationship? Well, he will show skill and sensitivity in dealing with your demand for new stimuli and your impatience.

Warning signal!

First a question: which one of you is more apt to have someone on the side? You, yes, you girl.

With you he's apt to stay true. You on the other hand, not so true ...

Here is the  warning;

If you do attempt this he will know before anything even happens to be guilty of. What will he do? Cheat on you right back or he will leave you.

He is a Lion and a Lion has his pride and if you deceive him, he won't know how to get over it... So, you have been warned.

Points of Conflict

Like any other relationship,  problems do come.

Now for the trait that will cause problems: you both like to lead.

His skin is much thinner than yours and although you both need reassurance, he needs it more than you.

Leo has a need to be admired, over and over again. Leo also wants to be treated like the Zodiac Lion King he is, this will bring trouble because you aren't given to being so expressive with your praises.

You will begin to feel bitter or incensed about Leo's need for excessive and insincere praise. You will feel this way especially if it's not something you are giving but a sexy girl is doing it.

He's the kind of man that elicits praise from other women and when that happens and if your love for him is strong, you will see that maybe this is important to him; it puts a little pep in his step; this may lead you to try it.

Aries and Leo Compatibility, Sexual Love

When it comes to sexual relations, he is un-shockable verses Cancer who is, He is accommodating and will value your propositions.

He's got the skills that thrill you; in this you are well matched.

If he ever mistakes your signals and you deny him sex, he will be dismayed.

Aries and Leo, Romantic Summary

This matching can be fantabulous, but you both need to make it work, together.

This coupling has the potential to last all the way to marriage... Well, maybe.


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