Aries and Gemini Compatibility

Aries and Gemini


You will need a lot of patience and a sense of what is fair in order to deal with Gemini.

Gemini , What He's Like...

His playfulness will fascinate you.

This man will charm you, right away you will like him.

He's a smooth talker, he's artsy, and he can also be superficial.

He is attractive and his looks may pull you in. He is also social and diverting. But even if Gemini is enchanting, magnetically attractive, and intriguing to you, he isn't as realistic as you need a man to be.

What he needs is a fun woman and an intellectually stimulating woman.

Mundane things put him to sleep; he would rather be dead than bored. Don't mommy him in anything and most of all don't tell him how to spend his money.

If you just can't resist being a mommy to your man do it in a nonchalant way, how? Well... you can figure that out, I'm sure.

Aries and Gemini -What You are Like Together

You have much vitality, this captivates him; he's exuberant and you're stimulated by this.

You adore his acerbic wit, while he likes how audacious and brave you can be.

You are quick and always on the move, he likes this.

He has a way of finding things funny in what you do that gets you laughing too, his teasing doesn't hurt your pride at all.

You are an assertive and compelling woman, if he wants you he has to live by your principles.

Gemini will be cryptic and down in the dumps one instant and animated and revived the next, this could leave you feeling completely discombobulated unless, you have those two qualities I mentioned earlier.

The wheel in his mind is always turning and he can seem to be thinking about 2 things simultaneously.

You aren't bothered by his need for variety or his change of thoughts, as long as he does the important things; at least, he doesn't bore you.

Your Love Quote:

Aries and Gemini -How You Fight or Don't  Fight

When you start off together your attraction is sexy and hot, yours will cool for him if he isn't a man of his word.

He can be impulsive, you understand this and you give him leeway. But, let him be unpredictable too many times on too many important occasions and you'll be done.

You are always the boss, (or you prefer it that way) and this may tick him off, so much he will act like a bad teenager, sometimes though he may just laugh at you for trying to be bossy.

If you don't force him too much and he walks off and leaves you for being bossy, he will come back.

You will have a problem with him doing things he says he will do… most times he won't.

You can easily get irritated and rock his world with how furious you get.

You are made of a more solid character than he is made, if he tries to play you for a fool, he won't succeed. You’ll simply make up your mind to finish with him and it’s finished, who has the time for head games anyway? Not you.

Aries and Gemini Compatibility, Sexual Love

He is sexually arousing and he gives you much sexual pleasure.

You have a good sexual appetite and he likes this, in fact sex with you can cause him to be a better guy with you.

In the sex department you seem to be simpatico, however he wants a little newness shot in to your lovemaking sometimes.

Your imaginative talents may not be as strong as his so here are some tips:

  1. Try some porn... What I think you should do is read some Erotica, it will not only stimulate him sexually, you will be talking and it will stimulate his mind to.
  2. Try different positions, get the Kama Sutra and show him what you want to try. Missionary every time is not going to please for long.

You should really try to keep it new with this man, because you tend to repeat things in love making.

If not, he may go and find himself his own "strange", without you, or if determined to be faithful he may just refuse to give you any.He will try your tolerance pretty good, and you may end things with him. may think again when you remember the sex.

If he is smart and you break up with him, he could probably get you to forgive him and take him back by making love to you, it's that good between the two of you.

The converse if true too, he will forget anything once you have sex with him; he will love it that much.

Aries and Gemini, Romantic Summary

The two of you make an unconventional pair.

You go one way and he will go the other, never shall you two meet; this makes it hard for the two of you to maintain a stable relationship.

This can be a fine liaison, or a relationship that is hard going  and you potentially can last a while. It's hard to tell.


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